Paris: Outdoor spaces to enjoy in any season…

The first time I visited Paris, I was asleep. I was also only 7, but you might still wonder how that’s so. It was mostly planes, trains, and automobiles getting there and finally a big bus, which, for a tiny tourist like me at the time, was the perfect place for a nap.

As we passed Notre Dame, I opened my eyes only for a minute and felt so lost. But on my second visit just before my 19th birthday, everything changed. No longer behind a glass window, in those late May days it was like the city opened up to me. I had no guide, just my feet and curiosity, and I haven’t stopped since. Some of those earliest places have now become habits, running back to them at first chance whenever I return home to the city after being away. Each time I see Paris all over again like I did that May. So, in honor of wonderful second impressions, let me share some of them with you…

A place for the chic and intellectual between the fashionable Saint Germain and Les Grandes Ecoles of the Latin Quarter…
WHAT TO DO: Stroll and people-watch stylish wanderers, or seek solitude for reflection in its quiet corners. France’s most famous scholars, such as Sartre and Camus were known to spend time here doing just the same from its iconic green chairs.
WHAT TO BRING: A fascinating book & your own journal for when you feel inspired.
WHAT TO WEAR: A colorful coat & a chic shade of lipstick.


A haven on the edge of the city for Paris’ bohemian at heart…
WHAT TO DO: Enjoy the season in nature and a view from the park’s sprawling hills and trails throughout. Later on before heading home, stop into Rosa Bonheur, the park’s kitsch café, for a snack, cup of tea and making new friends.
WHAT TO BRING: Your camera & your best friends.
WHAT TO WEAR: A flowing dress & moisturizer with a hint of SPF.

A paved path through the heart of the capital to stretch your legs and sight-see each Sunday…
WHAT TO DO: Walk or bicycle and just take in all the beauty of Paris along the way. Stop to sit along the riverbank and enjoy watching the passing boats.
WHAT TO BRING: Your best new playlist for listening & a guidebook to follow along with.
WHAT TO WEAR: Flat shoes for smooth sailing & a memorable fragrance.

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