My Favorite Glacier — Ice Cream at Berthillon

Ask anyone in Paris what their favorite glacier — ice cream shop — is and they will almost all say Berthillon. I’m no exception and summer is my favorite time to visit this sweet spot for a delightful treat on a hot afternoon.

Paris Rendezvous

Paris slows down in summer with so many Parisians out of town on vacation, but if you walk past Berthillon mid-July you might think everyone left in town is there. All the Parisians remaining are lining up to get their last summer fix of their gourmet glaces before they too, like so many other institutions, close for the grandes vacances. You can count me among them of course, and I can tell you from experience the long line is absolument worth it!

Berthillon has been family owned and run even before it was Berthillon. The family inherited the location as a restaurant from their relatives, but when their homemade ice cream become increasingly popular they decided to become a full blown ice cream shop. Today all the ice cream is still made up stairs above their store front, right on the Île Saint-Louis — a truly Parisian dessert! I can’t keep such a delicious spot a secret so I thought it was about time I share it here.

With over sixty regular flavors, they rotate them seasonally, serving about thirty or so at a time. There are some in particular they’re famous for, like their salty caramel, for example, which I normally get. But in summer I like something lighter and I can’t get enough of their sorbets. Forest strawberry, apricot, blood orange, and melon to name a few with the deepest truest flavors of any ice cream out there.

And while I’m switching up my order for something lighter and sweeter at Berthillon, I also switch up my makeup in summer. Speaking of light, sweet, and fruity, I’ve been reaching for my Juicy Shakers all the time lately. These light tinted glosses and their ultra nourishing and non sticky formulas are nice to swap in during the summer months to replace heavier, darker lipsticks. There are twenty-three mouthwatering shades to try with some of my favorites being Lemon Explosion, Apri-Cute, and Wonder Melon…yum! Give them a try and if you come to Paris don’t forget to stop and try Berthillon too.

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