Miel-en-Mousse 2 in 1 Cleanser — A Sweet Treat for Your Skin

You may have heard the news the past week that Paris has been experiencing a canicule. That’s French for HEATWAVE. So, we’ve all had more reason than normal to complain in true Parisian fashion with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees! The French are known for many things but air conditioning simply isn’t one of them so even indoors it’s hard to find solace. Outdoors it feels like an oven, hot and humid, and when I’m forced to brave the streets for errands or shoots at the moment, I’m running for shade. They say the heat will break soon but in the meantime we’re all finding little tricks to stay cool!

Paris Rendezvous

For me, washing my face when I get home from the mean hot streets has been a saving grace! A splash of cold water to cool off is just what the doctor ordered. With my new Miel-en-Mousse foaming cleanser it’s really been a treat so I really take my time at the sink.

This new foaming face cleanser from Lancôme is made with acacia honey encapsulated in water. The transformative 2-in-1 formula is created to dissolve makeup, oil, and other impurities, which feels especially nice after a hot sticky summer day. It goes on thick and decadent like honey and slowly melts into a rich velvety mousse once emulsified with water, washing away any remaining residues and leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. It’s a gentle cleanser so perfect for dry or sensitive skin.

For honey lovers this cleanser is a must! Acacia honey comes from the nectar of tree flowers, and has amazing beneficial properties for skin, including being antibacterial and having a hefty serving of skin-saving antioxidants. It’s also great for a complexion boost as it’s extremely moisturizing and soothing, helping you get a nice glow. It’s even considered clarifying as it helps to open pores, making them easier to clean. Not to mention its smells wonderful, like a sweet little treat for your skin. And trust me, in this Parisian summer Miel-en-Mousse really is!

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