Unique Style, Right Down to Your Fingertips

Audrey is another American in Paris, one who has become more popularly known as Frassy. Her quirky pseudonym embodies the spontaneous overflow of fashion that is her philosophy on all things personal style. With such as an approach, she stands out in Paris. That, and the fact that we're both Americans in a foreign place, made it just a matter of time before our paths crossed. When they did, it was the beginning of a great friendship.

Before we met, Audrey had already been chronicling her sartorial adventures on her website for some time before fashion blogging had grown into the industry it is today. She was a regular feature popping up in your favorite magazines and even on the cover of the first book published on fashion blogging. Somehow, I managed to miss all the buzz. When we met at a charity event and exchanged cards, I discovered her fashion universe online and completely in…like Alice down the rabbit hole.

Le Brunch in Paris

With her, it was a world of colors, textures, prints and shapes like I had never seen before, and a closet that had overtaken her home to curate every wall with her personal style. An international girl, Audrey takes influence from all parts of her exciting young life. Her unabashed individualism is an American trait, while her love of color comes from adolescent and teen years spent growing up in a vibrant corner of Spain. After studying in England, a certain quirk and East London edge only added to her look. And now...Paris! Like me, Audrey moved to Paris to be creatively inspired. Just like it has inspired Lancôme and myself over the years, this city inspired Audrey to launch her own fashion label, Audrey Leighton.

Without a doubt, Audrey's home here for the last four years has had some style influence best evidenced by slightly more somber palettes, sophisticated tailoring, and of course a love of French labels. Yet her current style is more of an evolution than anything else, as her Frassy philosophy still shines through. And today, it's shining right down to her fingertips! Although it was a rainy day, as it often is in Paris this time of year, I noticed immediately that even with her practical Parisian outfit suited to the weather, she had a pop of violette coquette color on her hands and lips — a Lancôme gift from me several weeks prior. I wasn't surprised, as Audrey always extends her style to her manicure and makeup palette, coordinating her outfits, trying the latest trendy color, or even her favorite, polka dots! Once again, her style had me inspired, and I snapped some photos.

What makes Audrey a great friend runs deeper than that though. From her style to her friendship, she believes women should chase their dreams, and find their individuality. Her style is just one more way of telling that to the world.

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