Bonjour Bi-Facil Face! + Makeup Removal Tips

One of the only things I like more than putting my makeup on every morning is taking it off each night! In my line of work, I play with cosmetics and makeup quite a bit, so at the end of the day there’s a lot to get through. It feels good to go back to a blank canvas and hit the hay with a squeaky clean face, but some mornings I wake up to see my pillow case wearing some of yesterday’s makeup and realize I really could have done a better job — or rather my makeup remover could have!

Paris Rendezvous

Enter the new Bi-Facil Face! Yes that’s right, the bestselling eye makeup remover from Lancôme has now been re-imagined in a formula for the full face, coupled with the power of Micellar water which I fell in love with when I moved to France. The two come together to form an ultra effective makeup remover and cleanser, with two phases to make sure your face is left fresh and squeaky clean when you’re ready to take off your makeup.

The formula is ultra gentle yet ultra effective, dissolving even the most stubborn makeup. So why is it important to have a gentle and effective makeup remover? By now you should know, the skin on your face is precious. The more efficient your remover is the less tugging and rubbing required — au revoir excess cotton balls — and a gentle formula is always kind to sensitive skin, leaving a kiss of refreshment for a nice clean finish.

The new Bi-Facil Face is definitely a new beauty essential for many of us out there. If you’re a beauty junky and makeup lover like me who is always playing with makeup, you can’t go wrong having this in your cleansing arsenal. Similarly, it’s also an amazing option for makeup artists who I often work with on shoots, changing models' makeup many times a day. It’s efficient yet gentle, and with its cleansing properties, kind and calming for the camera complexion. And lastly, anyone that loves long wear makeup, like matte lipsticks, waterproof mascaras, or long wear foundations… Teint Idole Ultra 24H I’m looking at you!

Read to try Bi-Facil Face? I’ll leave you with a few tips for makeup removal from myself and Lisa Eldridge that can always come in handy…

Makeup Removal Tips

• The soak off method is great for tough eye makeup and matte long wear lipsticks. Instead of rubbing, let your cotton disks sit on your eyelids or lips for a minute to really soak off makeup, then remove the rest gently.
• Before shaking your Bi-Facil Face, apply some to a cotton pad for eye makeup. This will allow you to use just the oil phase for a first pass to efficiently remove eye makeup.
• Don’t forget your hairline, under your chin, and around your ears. These are all important where we often have makeup but neglect to cleanse well enough.
• Not all cotton balls / pads are created equal! Invest in your face and get the nicest, softest, variety available to you. You can even get organic ones now! They’re less abrasive for your skin, require less product, and actually remove makeup better.

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