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Ever wondered why Paris is called the City of Light? La ville de lumière…the simple and historical answer is that Paris was the birthplace of the Age of Enlightenment. It was the haven for philosophers and academics of the time to exchange and develop ideas. The 18th century movement that boomed in the French capital came to advance ideals like liberty, progress, tolerance and others we still hold so closely today.

Paris Rendezvous

But nowadays, you will almost more often hear Paris called the City of Lights, plural, and it’s not hard to imagine why. Each evening when the sun sets, the city lights up spectacularly. Few details are hidden with the setting sun, brought out by the old lamps lining the boulevards (Paris was one of the first cities to adopt street lighting) and the over 296 street light illuminated churches, statues, fountains and national buildings, monuments, and other structures. Then of course there is Eiffel, twinkling every hour for all those who stop to watch it. For the Eiffel Tower alone, it takes 40 km of illuminated garlands made up of 20,000 sparkling lights to make the famous landmark twinkle, its spotlight at the top turning over the city to be seen from even its furthest corners. With the Seine river at the center of the city, the lights dance on its surface, reflecting back at us from its waters.

All those kilowatts really work their magic on this city, illuminating all its architectural charms so that even at night, Paris’s best assets are highlighted. And speaking of highlighting, a little bit with your makeup is one of the best ways to illuminate your own favorite features. The new Lancôme Click & Glow Liquid Highlighter is an easy to use fluid strobing pen created to reflect your best features. Inspired by the beautiful lights of Paris itself, shades like Lumières D'Or in a warm gold and Lumières De Bronze, a rich amber bronze, bring a soft shimmer to the face to make you look simply radiant. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use this new liquid highlighter pen…

• Highlight your cupids bow, to accentuate your pout by drawing attention to your lips.
• Highlight the brow bone, just below and above to emphasise your arch.
• Accentuate your cheek bones to take them to extraordinary heights.
• Dab a bit on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten your look.
• Illuminate the bridge of the nose to dramatise the angles of your face.

With four shades of these beautiful and easy to use new Click & Glow Highlighters you’ll be as luminous as Paris, La Ville des Lumières!

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