Miracle CC Cushion — Color Correcting Made Cute & Easy

National Macaron Day last week reminded me of one of my favorite Lancôme discoveries in the last year. Perhaps you’ve seen them too since then? These cute little pastel cushion compacts look just like macarons, sweet enough to eat! They’re actually color correcting face primers, and since primers are becoming all the rage, I thought I would introduce you to my favorite ones and tell you what they’re all about.

At the end of winter especially, or anytime of year really, our skin tone is naturally uneven. Primers play with the color wheel to even out skin tone by correcting and balancing different areas of the face, usually with opposites. The result is an ultra even complexion boosting all the effects of your regular foundation. But instead of leaving you to cover up unevenness, its more about correcting.

So far, I prefer the Miracle CC Cushion Primer because like most cushion products, they’re lightweight, dewy, and easy to apply. Primers go on after your regular skin care routine and before the rest of your makeup, your foundation especially. Here’s how to use the different colors for different effects, a bit of which I learned from Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial where she calls this the macaron method…too cute!

Paris Rendezvous

Green — This is my go-to primer color. I have a very pink and fair skin tone, and while I love that I tend to be especially pink and a bit blotchy in my cheeks. Redness can also come from blemishes, which if you’re human you have struggled with too. The green is great for toning down this redness and pinkness. I use it on my cheeks and any area of I’ve had problem skin with breakouts that have left behind a trace.

Pink — This color of primer is universally great for all skin tones. If you’re skin is looking tired or over worked, a pink primer will help to add some life back into it, giving an effect of luminosity and healthy blood flow to the face, you know…the kind you get right after some good exercise!

Purple — Purple is the perfect primer for very yellow and olive skin tones that are more prone to what we call “sallow skin”, around the eyes especially. Sallow skin is skin that appears a bit too yellow, and sometimes can look dull, unhealthy, or aged. You can use a light layer all over to tone downs sallowness, or focus just on problem areas. You're skin will look brighter and more balanced.

Yellow — This is another great color of primer I tend to use a lot. For those like me with light hair, skin, and eyes, we usually have fair and cool complexions. I like to warm mine up with a light layer of yellow primer. Fair skin can also expose those tiny red and purple blood vessels around eyes or the corners of the nose, and this yellow will help balance out those blues, making them less apparent. Yellow primer helps give an overall glow.

If that’s not enough reason to try a color correcting primer, they also make your foundation last longer, and help to disguise fine lines and pores. Now that you know how to use them, you can pick your perfect Color Correcting Primer

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