Visionnaire Crescendo — Your Skin’s Personal Trainer

Around the end of last year, I discovered an incredible place right around the corner from my apartment. I had been thinking of joining a gym, but the idea started to seem silly considering how beautiful Paris is. Why lock myself up inside to work out instead of taking advantage of our beautiful outdoors? So I went exploring and I ended up finding an amazing park hidden behind Saint Paul, actually more of a playground if you will, that the city fixed up last year into a beautiful recreational area. There are sprinting lanes, soccer goals, basketball hoops, gymnastics bars, and more. What a find! I’ve been working out here ever since pushing myself to get in better shape.

Paris Rendezvous

Coincidentally, around the same time, I got my hands on the new Visionnaire Crescendo. Crescendo is like a personal trainer for your skin in the form of a gentle and gradual peel. Just like I had been needing to get back in shape, sometimes we need to motivate our skin to do so too. Many women turn to peels when they need a fresh start for their skin, but so many of those peels can be too intense, leaving skin red and raw in a matter of minutes and requiring down time before feeling ready to face the world again. While they may be effective, what if there was a gentler, more gradual way to get even better results? Crescendo’s SIIT technology (Skin Intensity Interval Training) helps kick-start your complexion in two phases…

Crescendo’s Dual Phase Peel

PHASE 1: Let’s ease into this. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training first. Preparation is essential. So, let’s start off by boosting your skin’s natural ability to renew itself. In PHASE 1, Quinoa Husk Extract gently exfoliates to clean dead skin cells, while hydrating benefits facilitate the penetration of the biological and chemical peeling actives like AHA fruit extracts to stimulate cell renewal. After 14 nights your skin is awoken with visible signs of improvement and its surface smooth and prepped for higher intensity training in PHASE 2.

PHASE 2: Let’s pump it up. Now is the time to maximize rejuvenation. Your skin is ready. Remember it’s been preparing for this for two weeks. Now that the most superficial layers of dead skin have been eliminated, nothing can get in our way. PHASE 2 goes deeper with a combination of glycolic and salicylic acids for a profound more intense exfoliation. And that tiny tingling sensation? Don’t sweat it. That means these well known active ingredients are working, loosening the dead cells that cause fine lines, discoloration, and enlarged pores. What lies beneath is healthier, livelier, and more radiant new skin that is smooth and fresh.

Just like a personal trainer for your body, Crescendo works with your skin to increase its performance and cell turnover. 84% of women, myself included, say that they felt more beautiful after using it. Fewer fine lines, less discolouration, and smaller pores means more radiant youthful skin is revealed with this innovative new 28 day routine! Between Crescendo and my new workout routine, this spring is shaping up to be a fit one for me!

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