Sourcils Styler — Achieve Your 2017 #BrowGoals

Confession: I did something a little bit crazy at the end of 2016 — I got my eyebrows tattooed! Never in my life did I think I would get my face tattooed, but I did. You might think “Now that is a crazy commitment!” but the process is actually called microblading and the results eventually fade, lasting only two years. I always preferred the way my brows looked shaped with a pencil, and wanted some help evening them out. The results actually turned out so much more subtle than I expected, more of a non makeup-look, so I still find myself penciling them whenever I wear a full face of makeup. It definitely did give my brows a boost though.

Paris Rendezvous

Whenever you do anything permanent or even semi permanent to your body — tattoos, laser hair removal, plastic surgery — they will always remind you that beauty standards and trends change, so choose wisely. So when I went under the needle for my brows, I started thinking about brow trends in my time. The full eyebrow look has been going strong the last several years and I’ve embraced it. If you had told me that as a tweezer happy fifteen year old in the early 00’s I would have said “horrendous!”. But nowadays I find full brows are youthful and have a natural beauty to them, which is the preferred look here in France. When it comes to brows and 2017, I’m sure glad the full look is still in fashion and hope it never thins away

Which brings me to Sourcils Styler. Even though these days I’m using a bit less pencil, I still have to whip my brows into shape and Sourcils Styler is a new addition to my daily routine. I still am, and probably always will be, striving for the perfect brows. After all, Lily Collins really does set the bar high here at Lancôme. Talk about brow goals! If your 2017 is all about #browgoals too, give this brow gel extraordinaire a try like me. Here’s why!

My Favorite Things About Sourcils Styler

Three versatile colors seem to adapt effortlessly to any different brow shade. If you’re looking for hold, alone, there is also a basic clear option. Unsure which shade? Go for Chatain like me, it’s very versatile.
Layering for different effects means you can achieve subtle shape, hold, and fullness, or take a few passes at your brows for a bolder brow look that makes a fashion statement.
Ultra durable wear means this brow shaper goes on and stays on until you take it off, without ever having to touch it up.
Eyebrows look fuller, not just in shape but like the hair is actually thicker, denser, and overall more abundant, which I love. No bare spots here!
The ultra precise applicator makes it easy to use for foolproof application.
Keeps things under control ... my eyebrow hairs grow in every direction and need to be kept in line. Sourcils Styler shows them who's boss.
It’s natural looking finish is a result of being co-created with Lisa Eldridge to color hair and not skin (like a pencil). The result is a nice sheen that appears natural.

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