Le Brunch…in Paris!

Whether you’re in France or America, there is no dispute that brunch isn’t just a meal—it’s an event. Lately, I’m not much a of a night owl on the weekends. I prefer my beauty rest, which means I am more than prepared to pop out of bed Sunday mornings and get glammed up for a rendez-vous with friends, clients or the latest issue of VOGUE at one of my favorite brunch spots. For me it’s the perfect excuse to put on something nice, get out and pay no mind to the time.

Le Brunch in Paris There are plenty of places ranging from casual to chic, and popular to well-kept secrets, that I frequent. Some of my recommendations are either longstanding favorites or new discoveries. If you decide to give them a try when you’re in town, don’t be surprised if you find me there with a few of my best friends…

Rose Bakery | 3rd / 9th/ 11th arrondissments

Rose Bakery has a delicious farm-fresh vibe. The food is both healthy and tasty combining British and French influences indicative of the multinational owners and friendly staff. Any of their egg dishes are scrumptious. I also love their freshly made juices and baked treats like scones, carrot cake and more.

Barbershop | 11th arrondissement

Another great spot that merges the best of two worlds. This cozy yet hip place in the edgier east of Paris lets you choose between a traditional French or traditional English breakfast. And there are plenty of other options on the menu too.

Le Comptoir Général | 10th arrondissement

I’m not a huge fan of buffets, but the Comptoir Generale’s brunch is an eclectic and unique experience. In their large and eclectic warehouse-like space tucked away off the Canal Saint Martin, there is a family-friendly and social atmosphere that you can enjoy for hours with friends.

Hotel Costes | 1st arrondissement

If you’re in the mood for something swankier, I always love the ambience on the terrace at Hotel Costes. The food and white tablecloths are all quite traditional, but the clientele can be anything but. It’s a fun spot to people-watch, and during the day, a nice sanctuary of calm amidst the busy city.  

La Loire dans La Théiere | 4th arrondissement

This might be the place I recommend the most of all in Paris, not just because it’s in my neighborhood but because I’ve never found anywhere quite like it. Brunch offers delicious savory tarts with rustic ingredients, or fresh mint and herb omelets among other things. Add a hot chocolate or rose tea and your brunch is complete!

La Favorite | 4th arrondissement

When I don’t feel like going too far or planning ahead, I run down to La Favorite. The corner café is quite similar to Le Charlot, and a great meeting spot for friends to join up on Sunday morning from across the city. The menu covers everything from eggs Benedict to breakfast sandwiches and more lunch-style items. It’s always a trusty go-to.

Eggs & Co. | 6th arrondissement

The name says it all — enjoy eggs of any style a la whatever you like! Their coffees are delicious as well, served with a chocolate-covered marshmallow bear that is a very cute touch!

Breakfast in America | 4th and 5th arrondissement

If you’re in Paris and really in need of a native meal, Breakfast in America is the place to go. Their typical American diner breakfast will make you feel like you’re anywhere but Paris. With your cup of joe accompanied by stacks of pancakes, waffles and breakfast burritos, it’s hard to leave here hungry.

Pamela Popo | 4th arrondissement

Pamelo Popo is a darling place to stop in for any meal or even just drinks, but their brunch is especially delicious with fresh-squeezed juices, gourmet bagel plates and plenty of egg options. The décor is feminine, quirky and colorful, and sure to start your day off on a cheery note!

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