Five Things French Women Splurge On

After many years in France, one thing is for sure — I will never be French. Once upon a time I dreamed of being French, but I’ve come to realize over the years that being different is a good thing. Plus, being an outsider allows me to observe and understand this culture I’ve come to love in a special way. Eight years in and most days I will still could never fully pass for a French woman walking down the street with the way I dress or do my hair, and I’m okay with that. But while I haven’t entirely adopted her style, I have taken a few lessons from the French woman’s spending habits. As well as their fashion, French women seem to be known for being discerning consumers who go for quality over quantity. On that note I thought I would share with you a few of the biggest things French women splurge on...

Paris Rendezvous

Lipstick — A nice lipstick is the little luxury every French woman loves to have in her bag. They all know a bit of lipstick can change up any outfit. A touch of rouge even with just a tee shirt and jeans can totally transform the look. But beyond style, a lipstick from her favorite brand is almost like a chic accessory that she takes great pleasure in pulling out of her bag, on-the-go, for an air of sophistication.

Accessories — One of the wardrobe habits of French women is definitely to splurge now and then on nice accessories. A handmade hat, a discreetly luxurious purse, some beautifully crafted earrings...they become more like little treasures in a French woman’s wardrobe and just like her lipstick, make her feel luxurious and chic each time she wears them.

Lingerie — I once a read a statistic that French women spend 40% of their disposable income on lingerie! While I do think that is a bit exaggerated, French women prefer to invest in quality for anything that goes on or close to their body. Beautiful intimates are something they feel are worth investing in, and quality goes a long way to make these pieces last longer. Knowing she has something lovely on underneath makes the French woman feel feminine no matter what. Also, they always buy the matching separates.

Skin Care — French women never cut corners on skin care. They’re taught to always be discerning about the products they put on their face especially, and view taking care of their skin as a long term investment in health and beauty. While they don’t always have to splurge to get the best, they don’t hesitate to fork over the funds to get the best of the best. For the French woman, beauty begins with radiant skin and she will invest in achieving it at almost all costs.

Travel — This one doesn’t just go for women, but for the French in general. They love to travel near and far and will always set aside time and money to invest in new experiences and new places. So much so that travel is hardly considered a luxury in France, but a necessity for culture and the soul, for discovery as much as rest and relaxation.

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