Visionnaire Yeux Eye Cream - A Fresh Outlook for 2017

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I used to. They were usually a goal, a specific thing I could check off the list or not, and to be honest, most of the time they were fairly petty. But then a few years ago I got some great advice from a friend who suggested focusing on the bigger things, the things that matter, and in a way...everything. She suggested instead of making New Year’s Resolutions why not pick a theme, a new outlook with which to see the year ahead, a big idea if you will.

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It can be as a simple as just one word — take optimism for example. Perhaps in 2017 you will decide to try to always stay optimistic about things that come your way, to look on the bright side and approach each situation with the belief that the best possible outcome really is possible. Imagine how that could change the way you do things big and small? Here’s another big idea — being grateful. Instead of going into the New Year thinking what you want more of, imagine if you decided that your theme for the year would be gratitude. We could stop assessing ourselves on what we don’t have and how to get it, and instead our objective could be to appreciate that which we do have more. I think you can start to see what I mean, how these big ideas, these New Year’s themes, are so much more than just a resolution.

But no matter what you choose, it’s good to start the year with a new outlook. At the end of 2016, and especially after the holidays, we might all be feeling (and looking) a bit tired. That look of fatigue, whether it’s from one sleepless night or a whole year of work behind us, may appear as under eye puffiness, crow's feet, or dark circles. It’s hard to start the new year with a new outlook when your eyes are still being weighed down by the fatigue of the last year

So, here at the end of 2016 while we all sit back and think about the big idea with which we want to approach the year ahead, here’s a small idea to set us on the right track — the new Visionnaire Yeux Eye Cream. I can tell you this new cream has been a favorite with the Lancôme team themselves, and after hearing the buzz I tried it myself this week. Immediately on the finger tips this cream is smooth and fresh to the touch. It’s like a magic eraser with its HydraBLUR™ technology, instantly reducing the appearance of puffiness and crow’s feet. But we can all look forward to the long term results as well. After four weeks, dark circles are reduced and wrinkles around the entire eye area are diminished. It’s the perfect beauty tip for making your face photo ready, and just what we all might need to look and feel ready to face the new year with a fresh philosophy.

After you party until dawn on New Year’s Eve later this week, start 2017 the next morning with two things — the new Visionnaire Yeux Eye Cream and a fresh new outlook. With these two things, I think we’ll all be looking forward to a beautiful year ahead.

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