The New L’Absolu Rouge: A Fresh Update for a Lancôme Classic

They say lipstick changes everything, and I couldn’t agree more. It can completely makeover your mood, and your look. In that spirit, Lancôme decided to give their L’Absolu Rouge lipstick a little makeover of its own. Don’t worry though, no one has gotten too carried away! This Lancôme staple and favorite is as iconic as it has ever been. A few small changes have gone a long way and if you’re like me, they’ll only make you love L’Absolu Rouge even more!

Paris Rendezvous

First off, there’s a sleek new design. Nothing makes me feel more like a woman than wrapping my lips in satiny color. There is just something so feminine about it. The new packaging opens with a click, making it even more secure and yet easy to open, and adding a fun little flick to the act of applying lipstick. Just press the rose emblem and it pops right open for you.

Then, there are new colors of course, making a grand total of forty-four shades! A whole spectrum for your luscious lips from plum to nude to bright pinks and reds, all with that same amazing color payoff L’Absolu Rouge has always delivered. And for the finish, a range of choices in sheer, cream, and matte options mean there is something for everyone, every occasion, and every look.

Some things haven’t changed though, like most of your favorite colors (Capirice anyone?) and an amazingly moisturizing formula that is ultra luxurious for your lips. That means L’Absolu Rouge never dries out your lips even with its all day wear, thanks to antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and moisture-boosting Pro-XylaneTM. Its hydrating formula is extra replenishing meaning your lips look and feel healthier with it day after day.

So what are my favorite shades of the new L’Absolu Rouge? Trust me, with forty-four options it’s not easy to choose! In fact, I haven’t even had the chance to try them all just yet. But a real stand out for me is Champagne, a pétillant pink with just the right amount of sparkle and a creamy finish. I love it for day or night. For an every day red to achieve the utmost Parisian pout, Lie de Vin is fast becoming a favorite too, in its sheer formula that you can build depending on the desired coverage. Lastly, for something soft and neutral, Café Parisien is a creamy beige with a hint of blush in a matte finish that won’t dry out your lips and is perfect for any casual look. Not a day goes by in Paris now that I don’t have one of my favorite shades or two on hand in my purse. I absolutely love the new L’Absolu Rouge and I think you will too...

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