Halloween à la française : Chic Makeup-Centric Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a great excuse to play with the transformative power of makeup. While it’s a rather anglo holiday, I still celebrate with friends here and am happy to see it gaining popularity in France. I thought I would infuse a little “Frenchness” into some costume ideas for a very chic Halloween! Whether you’re one to plan your costume weeks in advance, or just throw something together last minute, these makeup centric Halloween looks are meant to be easily achieved with items that are likely already in your drawer and closet at home…

Paris Rendezvous

Sorcière (witch)

This is a chic French take on the traditional witch costume. It’s all about eyes so sultry they look supernatural, and dark luscious lips that send chills down the spine. Pair it with a black dress and any black hat and you’ll be bewitching.

You need — Your most extreme mascara, black or grey eyeshadow, black liquid liner, black pencil liner, and your darkest shade of lipstick (I’m wearing Color Design in Bow and Arrow).

How to — Apply shadow to each eyelid and blend well at the crease. Use your liquid liner to create a bold cat eye. With the pencil liner, line the lower and upper waterlines heavily in black. Line the under eyes with a touch of shadow for a smokey look. Apply two to three coats of mascara to the upper and lower lashes for a spidery effect. With the help of a lip brush if needed, apply lipstick and accentuate the points of the lips at the cupid’s bow for a witch-like touch.

Amélie Poulain

Amélie is one of the most adored French film heroines of all time. Her short black hair, fair complexion, ultra expressive brows, and bright red pout are easy to recreate. Pair it with a classic cardigan and you’ll look just like Amelie on her Parisian adventures.

You need — A dark brow pencil, your fairest shade of foundation, your brightest red lipstick, and a wig like mine if you don’t have dark hair.

How to — Apply your foundation heavily for a doll like porcelain effect. Exaggerating the arch and length of your brows, pencil them on heavily with your brow pencil for an almost cartoon like touch. Apply your red lipstick and voilà! It’s that simple.

Magritte Masterpiece

Belgian artist Magritte is known for his surrealist masterpieces. As a massive collection of his work is currently exhibiting in Paris, I was inspired by his strange and discombobulated portraits. Much easier to achieve than his beautiful paintings, this makeup look still captures the essence of his work with a quirky effect perfect for Halloween.

You need — Primer or concealer, a red lip liner, red lipstick, blue or green eye crayon or shadow, a white or light pearlescent shadow, and black liquid liner.

How to — After applying your foundation, camouflage half of your lips to blend in with your complexion. With your lip pencil, slowly draw the outline of off-center lips before filling in with lipstick and the help of a lip brush. On the eyelids, start by priming and creating the whites of the eye. Then create the iris with your colored shadow or lip pencil before using your black liquid liner to add the pupils and eyelashes.

Trying out a few of these looks for Halloween? Here's one last little tip: makeup removal is magically made easy by Lancôme's Bi-Facil double-action formula. When the Halloween festivities are done, just reach for this award-winning makeup remover and you'll be back to your normal self.

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