Double Take: The Suarez Sisters Take Paris to Try Grandiôse Extrême + Liner

Do you know the Suarez sisters? These girls are all over the internet as prominent fashion bloggers. Dylana also works as a photographer and Natalie as a model, so the two often collaborate for work, with their adventures even bringing them to the French capital from time to time. That’s how I met them at Paris Fashion Week last year. Since then, I jump at every opportunity to show them around Paris when they’re in town because they are honestly a bundle of fun.

Paris Rendezvous

In fact fun is what I have always loved about their two personalities on and offline, and when I invited them to my place last week to get ready for a Friday night out in the City of Light, we had some fun playing with Lancôme’s new Grandiôse Liner and Grandiose Extrême Mascara.

It turns out Natalie has already gotten hooked on the Grandiôse Liner since she got her hands on one a few weeks ago. She wears liquid liner almost every day, and the ultra fine tip is both supple and resistant so she can get the perfect super fine wing she likes to wear on and off duty. When Dylana tried it, I told her to try bending the wand. “Wait, really?! I feel like I’m gonna break it!” she said before I clicked it back and forth to show her the full extent of its ergonomic design, making it easier to manipulate around the shape of the eye for hard to reach places without ever slipping up.

The ultra black matte liner pairs perfectly with the new Grandiôse Extrême Mascara. It’s equally black fiber lash formula makes lashes even longer, thicker, and darker than the original Grandiôse for when you want an extra pop or for short lashes that need an extra push. All with the ergonomic design of the Grandiôse wand of course, so application is easier, cleaner, and more effective, boosting lashes by grabbing them good from root to tip.

“I love how thick this mascara is. It’s can really see it”, said Natalie later that night, as she reached to touch up her makeup post dinner along the Canal Saint Martin. The two posed for a few pics for me here to show off their Grandiôse Liner + Extrême Mascara looks. As you can see, the pairing is a winning combination (just like the Suarez sisters themselves!) to make eyes really pop, looking bigger and brighter.

I asked the two fashion bloggers if this Fall they would dare to try the new “graphic eyes” trend, like the double or even triple flick cat-eye and they said “Definitely. What a fun way to get more creative with this new liner we love!”

One other thing is for sure, after our few days together here last week, Natalie and Dylana love Paris too! Until their next trip, whenever their missing Paris you can find them at their favorite French spots at home in New York City that I asked them to share here...

The Suarez Sister’s Favorite French Spots in NYC

• Café Collette, 79 Berry St. in Williamsburg
• Balthazar, 80 Spring St. in SoHo
• Ladurée, 398 W Broadway in SoHo
• L’Imprimerie, 1524 Myrtle Ave in Bushwick
• Café Gitane, The Jane Hotel, 113 Jane St. in the Meatpacking District
• Le Barricou, 533 Grand St. in Williamsburg

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