Paris Street Style & Haleigh’s Camera-Ready How-To…

Of all the cities synonymous today with style, Paris holds a special prestige. The world has long looked to the French capital as the forefront of trend. Never is this more evident than during Paris Fashion Week, the 10 days twice a year when style is on everyone’s agenda.

When the other cities have shown, the world waits with bated breath to see what Paris will bring, and it never disappoints in or outside the shows. As the iconic French fashion houses serve up a season’s worth of new looks, the crowds outside are just as exciting to admire and photograph.

Paris Rendezvous Fashion Week

It’s always a thrill to see what trends will emerge from the designers and crowds. I for one think color will remain center stage. This winter has been among the most pigmented, with pastel cocoon coats letting us cozy up in some color these last couple of months. Why turn the tint off just in time for spring? Instead, I hope to see color taken to the next level, paired with bolder and brighter tones in the same ensemble. A bit of hemlock green or placid blue paired with radiant orchid should be enough to evoke spring. French style sensibility is all about balance, so if you’re going for something bold, pair it with clean lines and some basic shapes to keep it classy.

If you happen to be wearing the season’s trends, or setting some new ones, let it be known Paris is a street-style photographer’s dream. With its picture-perfect backdrops for their style subjects, Paris is brimming with street photographers who capture these glimpses of glamour and share them with us in the pages of our favorite magazines and websites, showing us runway done the real way.

To see or be seen head to the Tuileries, then Café de Flore in Saint Germain or Collette on the rue Saint Honoré. Or, explore the Marais hopping in and out of galleries and boutiques or lingering on patios to people-watch. Fashionable Paris knows few borders, and you could cross your favorite style spotter while strolling down the street of any neighborhood. When you do, make sure you get your time to shine with these tips to be instantly chic and camera-ready!

Be a street-style star…

A pop of color is a great way to catch eyes and stand out.
A statement accessory shows personality and demonstrates your keen fashion sense.
A bold lip color or liquid eyeliner will define your features and let you light up the lens.
A perfect complexion, achieved with foundation and compact powder, lets your style—not your skin—shine!

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