Dual Finish — A Photographer’s Friend + My Photogenic Tips

Multitasking? I happen to know a thing or two about that. For example, directing and posing for a photoshoot at the same time. It’s much easier said than done, but it’s how I capture stories to bring to you here each week.

Paris Rendezvous

As a photographer, I spend many days in Paris behind the camera. But as a long time blogger, the rest are spent on the other side of the lens. My beauty tip from each end is one and the same - Dual Finish Foundation. It’s as good at multitasking as I am, and comes with a puff and a sponge so you can apply it dry or wet for sheer or full coverage. Where my camera goes, my Dual Finish always follows for quick touch ups and serious shine control before being photographed.

When it comes to the rest of my expert advice, over the years, this dual role as photographer and model has given me a unique perspective on beauty. I believe anyone can look amazing in a photograph. Yet as soon as I take out my camera, many women I know immediately voice their insecurities. To be honest, it makes me sad. I found myself in this exact situation at a dinner party the other night. As I went to snap her portrait, my friend started to panic. So right then and there I decided to share my tips for posing for pictures. With a few tricks of the trade she could immediately see the difference before and after. Her camera confidence was completely boosted and the result was darling photographs of a birthday celebration we’ll never forget.

I want every woman to feel beautiful enough to have her picture taken, because she is. So I’ve decided to share those same tips with you here. Give these a try and I promise that next time the camera comes out you’ll be looking your best and feeling yourself in front of the lens.


Find your light. Most people think this means they can’t hide their imperfections, but in fact it’s just the opposite. Lots of light in a photograph washes out flaws and rids of unflattering shadows.

Move around. Don’t stand static and stare straight at the camera. Get into action and take lots of photographs. You’ll find movements in between “poses” often turn out best and look most natural.

Instead of “cheese”, repeat A - E - I - O - U. One of the oldest tricks in the book. Repeating the vowels creates lots of different expressions on camera and one is bound to suit you.

Define your jaw line. Relax your shoulders to elongate your neck. If you’re being photographed from straight on, without exaggerating too much, stick your head out just slightly towards the camera and drop your chin a bit. This takes practice but does wonders for bone structure.

Know your angles. Have a browse through photographs of yourself and make note of your best angles. While subjective, the important thing is you’ll be more confident when you use them next time you pose, which is really what makes all the difference.

Cheat to the side. 2D on camera is always less flattering than real life in 3D, so if you’re worried about your silhouette, turn to one side a bit by about 30 degrees. It’s slimming.

Be yourself! That’s to say, don’t try to pose like a super model unless you are one. You’re gorgeous just as you are so embrace you’re personality and let your true beauty shine.

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