Spring & Summer Nail Art: Fruity Accent Nails Inspired by Juicy Shakers

I love a little accent nail. It’s a fun and easy way to switch up your manicure without having to start from scratch to match your outfit or makeup. If you opt for a nice neutral manicure for the week, you can choose just one or two nails on each side to coordinate with your changing looks. This is called the accent nail, and it’s the perfect way for anyone who is short on time or a bit reluctant to go full on with more complicated designs to try out some nail art.

Paris Rendezvous

I know many women like to coordinate their makeup with their manicure. Lately I’ve been matching my nails to my lips and created some fruity designs inspired by my favorite colors and flavors of the new Juicy Shaker, Lancôme’s addictive new Pigment Infused Bi-Phased Lip Oil.

Nail art can be a bit tricky, which is why it can come at a high price (an additional $5 to $15 dollars per nail in salon). But getting these cute designs at home in 15 minutes or less is affordable and fool proof, tried and tested by your’s truly!

Here’s a few tips to paint more precisely when you try these designs…

• Remove or let most of the excess polish run off the brush before painting.

• Let each step dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next.

• Protect each one by finishing with a shiny top coat.

Juicy Shaker Accent Nails

Cherry Symphony — Recommended Colors: Very in Love, Rouge in Love, Vert Tuileries.

Start with the main color of your manicure as the background color. Using a cherry red polish, paint two red circles in the center of the nail and let dry. Add a second coat here if necessary to get a bold color. Using a lighter red, add a thin line to the outer edge of each cherry to create definition. Using a shade green, paint a stem from the top of each cherry, and bring them together in the center with two tiny leaves.

Wonder Melon — Recommended Colors: Rouge in Love, Vert Tuileries, Noir Caviar.

Begin with a base coat to protect the nail. Place two coats of an orangey red over the entirety of the nail and let fully dry. Paint over one side of the nail with a shade of green to create the watermelon rhine, applying a second coat here if necessary. With a black polish (or any very dark shade) use the corner of the nail brush to create the tiny watermelon seeds with a very light touch.

Berry in Love —Recommended Colors: Rose Bagatelle or Midnight Rose, Vert Tuileries, Noir Caviar.

Begin with a base coat to protect the nail. Paint two coats of a shade of light purple or deep pink polish onto the nail, leaving some negative space near the base of the nail. Use any dark shade of polish to add small seeds to the design. Paint several sprigs of green at the top to create the berry stem.

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