Eye Did It! 3 Instant Beauty Updates in a Flash

I’m probably busier right now in my life than I’ve ever been. It seems to be a sign that you’ve reached your late twenties. Maybe someday I’ll have kids to add to that equation and know what busy really means. Even now though, between work, friends, the search for love, and all of the other things I want to achieve, time is of the essence and always going too fast.

Paris Rendezvous

But this week, I was reminded by Lancôme’s little #EyeDidIt campaign that being busy doesn’t mean that beauty has to take a back seat. In fact, it might just be our ultimate sidekick and the solution is right before our eyes with a few products that are likely already in our makeup drawers.

Don’t believe me? Watch and learn…

Dilemma ➝ Morning Rush

Idea ➝ Pump up your brow!

Solution ➝ Les Sourcils Definis + Définicils

I confess, I’m not a morning person. So for me makeup in the AM has to be easy or it’s simply not gonna happen. The quickest way to get ready and out the door is to pump up my look with brows and lashes. Les Sourcils Definis has an ultra fine pencil to give your brows a naturally full look, while its handy brush whips them right into perfect formation. Defining brows keeps the face looking neat, rested, and alert. The next step is lashes. I always give mine a nice bend with Lancôme’s Le Curler to really open my eyes, and never hesitate to reach for my Definicils Mascara that’s been a beauty favourite of mine for over ten years. It’s the perfect mascara for dark defined lashes without being too bold for daytime. Voilà two products and five minutes flat and I’m out the door ready to face the day.

Dilemma ➝ Love Emergency

Idea ➝ Turn up your liner!

Solution ➝ Artliner + Grandiôse

For a last minute date, makeup is no excuse to be late! When cupid calls I turn up my look... with a bit of liquid liner. I think a classic cat eye is a fast and fool proof date look that is equal parts sophisticated and sexy. Artliner’s super sharp sponge brush makes it easy to get the perfect wings on the first try every time when there’s no time to lose. And to feel extra flirty in a flash, I’m ready to bat those lashes with Grandiôse mascara. Gorgeous lashes are easier than ever with this swan neck wand that make maneuvering a thing of the past. Corner-to-corner, root-to-tip it gives the ultimate in length, lift and volume.

Dilemma ➝ Party Calling

Idea ➝ Trigger the smokey!

Solution ➝ Auda[city] in Paris + Hypnôse Drama

It’s not too common that I get an invitation for a big night out on the town, so when I do I like to go all out with my makeup. But that doesn’t mean it has to take a long time. The perfect smokey all is almost instant with the Audacity palette and a little bit of blending. For added drama, I reach for Hypnôse Drama mascara for ultra feathery lashes that amplify my eyes all night long.

See how easy it is to switch up your look in a flash with a few beauty basics? #EyeDidIt and you can too!

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