Ban the Boring! Juicy Shakers Are Here!

Shake shake shake, dab dab dab! What’s all this buzz about? Perhaps by now you’ve caught wind of Lancôme’s newest lip revolution, and I’m here to tell you the hype is real! I don’t like to play makeup favorites, but the truth is I’m totally addicted to the new Juicy Shaker lip oils.

Paris Rendezvous

Combine the iconic Juicy Tubes of the 90’s with the original Lancôme Cocktail Shaker lipstick from the 1940’s, then add a little modern magic and voilà! you have Lancôme's new Juicy Shakers in 20 delicious shades here to ban the boring, nourish your lips, and keep the color on the go.

The truth is, I’ve been dying to tell you about the new Juicy Shakers for a while now! Two months ago at the beautiful Lancôme press evening in Paris, I had the pleasure of watching Lancôme’s Global Creative Makeup Director, Lisa Eldridge, reveal this exciting spin off. From the moment I tried them, I knew they would be the next biggest and brightest thing, but my tongue was tied until they were released in the States! And now, the gloss is finally out of the tube and into these fun new shakers with a cushion applicator. Let me tell you more…


They’re as delicious as they look! These lip smackers taste and smell amazing with fruity inspired flavors to make your lips lovely and your mouth water. A few of my favorites are Lemon Explosion, Berry Tale, Apri-Cute, Mangoes Wild, and the limited edition Mint to Be in an intriguing shade of blue that actually goes on clear with a touch of sparkle.

They make your lips extra luscious. Juicy shakers are made of a bi phased formula that pairs nourishing lip oils with beautiful pigments, giving your lips an extra plump glossy effect. I feel like my pout is extra luscious as I layer them on. They are everything I love about a lip stain with the shine of a gloss.

The cushion applicator is heavenly, and fool proof.It’s super pleasant to the touch when applying, and also soaks up a ton of the pigmented oil and gloss to deliver it straight to your lips. You’ll never go outside the lines, and a little dab, dab, dab action lets you layer as you like.


Shake them up! Just like when you’re mixing a cocktail, give your Juicy Shakers a good shake before applying to mix up the bright pigments and nourishing oils inside. It’s part of the fun!

Mix and match! Juicy Shakers are all about having fun, and you can double and even triple the fun by mixing and matching different colors to layer and create so many different shades. My outfit yesterday was a raspberry colored dress and a lavender sweater, so I mixed two shades to get the perfect hue to pair with my look du jour.

Pair them with a dewy foundation and a bright blush. A light weight foundation like Miracle Cushion is the perfect amount of coverage to go with Juicy Shakers, and Lancôme’s bright new Cushion Blush will be the extra punch of color you need to compliment any Juicy Shakers shade. The three together are the perfect light weight, casual, and cute spring and summer look.

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