Bright Lights Paris: How to Shop, Dine, & Live Parisian Style

Here on Paris Rendez-vous, I try to give you some insights into the life of French women. Particularly those of Parisiennes. As you can imagine though, there are many kinds of Parisian women. They may share many things in common, but each will define her own version of what it is to be iconically French, and of course evolve and play with various versions of Parisian throughout her life. But in the meantime, the quartier or arrondissment she chooses to make her home is one of the best ways to understand her style and how she may define herself.

Paris Rendezvous

Enter Bright Lights Paris, a new book from my friend and author, Angie Niles. Angie wanted to shed a special light on Paris by taking readers through the many neighborhoods of Paris via the fashion and habitudes of the women that live there. Part lifestyle and part guide book, I knew exactly what Angie was getting at when she wrote me one day many years ago and asked me to photograph it! Last year we finally had the chance to bring her book to life and spent a few magical weeks working our way through Paris to snap the photographs that now fill its pages, and in the course became great friends!

Now that Angie’s book is finally released, seeing my pictures of Paris in print and on bookshelves worldwide is truly a dream come true. When Angie and I went to see copies of it filling the window displays of the W.H. Smith bookstore here on the rue de Rivoli, it was truly a pinch me moment for both of us!

The book is filled with darling illustrations, french fashion tips, amazing addresses, and some of your favorite celebrities' and bloggers' Parisian memories and tips they shared exclusively for the book. In the author’s own words, here is what Bright Lights Paris is all about...

“I had never been able to find a chic guidebook sharing hidden gems of Paris centered around the eclectic neighborhoods and the stylish woman who live in each area. Bright Lights Paris introduces you to each neighborhood girl, shares where she shops for chic accessories, picks up sweet pastries, and goes to relax for a picnic or to read her favorite novel, among so much more. There are also tips on how to follow her French beauty routine, select your signature scent, home décor ideas and more; all to help you infuse the French way of life at home.”

For any Francophile, Bright Lights Paris is a must buy, which is why I wanted to share it here with you. Not to mention that it is a publication especially close to my heart, my life, and my work in Paris. Should you choose to pick up a copy for yourself, I hope you’ll enjoy visiting Paris with us through Angie’s words and my photographs...

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