Visionnaire Nuit: Make the Most of Every Night

As part of the industry for a few years now, I’m what has come to be referred to as a “beauty junkie”. The French emphasis on skincare especially has my nose in every article about anti-aging, and my fingers dipping into more than my fair share of products to see what they’re all about.

Paris Rendezvous

Even though I’m in my mid twenties, I’ve done the research and know it’s never too early to think about your skin’s future. Time will only fool you for so long! In fact, there are a dozens of ways we sabotage our skin in our twenties. The stress of starting a career, being to busy to eat right, not drinking enough water, exposing ourselves to second hand smoke, and of course those nights out. Sometimes I’m tucked in before the stroke of midnight for my eight hours of sleep. Often times, I’m not.

If those late Paris nights that turn into early mornings leave me with a few wrinkles to remember them by, I’m okay with that. They’re some of my best memories with my friends and my city. The beauty in aging is that no matter what, the experience of a wonderful life is something we will end up wearing. To do so gracefully though requires taking care of our skin through it all.

Whether you’ve had eight hours of peaceful slumber, or just a bit of shut eye before getting up again, the new Visionnaire Nuit makes the most out of your beauty sleep. Over the past year, Visionnaire has been part of my morning skincare routine. Before my makeup I apply it and can immediately see and feel how it smooths fine lines and overall texture. Over time, it makes my pores smaller, evens my skin tone, and gives my skin a buoyant and rested quality. With the introduction of Visionnaire Nuit, my skin perfecting routine now works around the clock with the new Lancôme night moisturizer. Its amazing gel-to-oil texture goes on incredibly smooth with an instant calming effect, and wears well through the night while working its magic. For me personally, I love that its unique formula has all the benefits of a night cream without their typical heavy and greasy feel. My skin likes it too, as its non-comedogenic and light formula means that my pores, which at my age are still sometimes prone to breakouts, don’t get clogged and bogged down with too much oil.

Whether I was in bed early or stayed out late, I always wake up to a moisturized, resilient, and radiant complexion. With Visionnaire Nuit I make the most of every night and so does my skin…

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