Le Grand Palais des Glaces: Ice Skating in Paris

Ice skating has always been close to my heart. When my mom was a child, she fell in love with it and trained as a competitive figure skater. In her twenties she gave up competing but continued teaching skating to kids to earn money while going to school. When she had girls of her own, me and my sister, she taught us too!

Paris Rendezvous

Growing up it was always a special treat to go skating with her. Our hometown didn’t have a rink so we would often drive several hours to go. As much as I enjoy gliding around the rink myself, it has always been watching my mom do her little twirls and axels that delights me the most. Going ice skating together has since remained a festive tradition in our family. It’s always on our agenda during the holidays and over the years we’ve skated such iconic places as Rockefeller Center and Central Park. I knew when we got the chance to finally ice skate in Paris together, it would be absolutely unforgettable because Paris has a way of making even the most special moments that much more magical.

And so one starry Paris night we bundled up and got out our skates and headed to the Grand Palais. I never imagined that one day we would be gliding across the ice together beneath the glass ceiling of this iconic Paris building. The Grand Palais was constructed at the turn of the 20th century in the style of the beaux-arts with its glass vaulted ceilings that can be spotted from nearly anywhere along the Paris skyline. The Palais has hosted some of the most historical events in Paris in its lifetime including many of the World Fairs and greatest art expos, auctions and fashion shows! In addition, many years during the holidays it’s now home to the world’s largest ice rank!

Beneath the twinkling lights shining across the rink and the music filling the Grand Palais, we spent the evening twirling, spinning, jumping, and gliding. Best of all though we were laughing and smiling. Just as I expected, it was an unforgettable magic night in Paris that I wouldn’t have rather shared with anyone else! I hope if you make it to Paris this time of year you too will treat yourself to this enchanting experience at Le Grand Palais des Glaces!

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