The Parisian Kitchen: Rendez-vous With Chef Bénédicte Mesny

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is here already. This distinctly American holiday is celebrated by most American expats I know in Paris, and Parisian friends are typically keen to join in. Particularly this week as the city of Paris is trying to get back to normal life after recent events. We are all counting our blessings and looking for reasons to be thankful. So in the spirit of gathering friends around food, I met up with Bénédicte Mesny, the founder of The Parisian Kitchen.

Paris Rendezvous

Bénédicte is a natural beauty and a young mother of two, and after spending her twenties in the corporate sphere, she wanted a change and a day-to-day life more flexible for her family. Bénédicte’s first love is cooking, which she has combined with her business smarts to launch her culinary classes out of her family apartment in the chic 17th arrondissement.

The kitchen has always been a central place in Bénédicte’s life. This born and bred Parisian has been cooking since she was a little girl, learning a long list of family recipes as she cooked alongside her mother. Today her business is all about opening her own kitchen to visitors, to pass on those precious French recipes through her cooking classes.

Her Lunchtime Experience brings guests on a visit to the typical Parisian market, Marché de Lévis, which is one of the most famous food markets in the capital. After sourcing fresh ingredients together, Bénédicte gives a two hour interactive cooking course to prepare one of her favorite three course meals before the group digs in to enjoy the fruits of their labor over a friendly lunch. She also offers a pastry class, where guests can choose between an array of sweet family recipes to try their hand at.

For our rendez-vous, I asked if Bénédicte would teach me a festive and easy French holiday recipe. So many of us will be hosting between this week and the end of the year, and this simple but beautiful recipe for Bénédicte’s charlotte aux fruits rouges will be the perfect French touch for your holiday party.

And in the spirit of giving, I shared some things with Bénédicte too. My favorite Lancôme products for the holidays! I asked Bénédicte about her own beauty routine as a mom. For her, skincare is paramount in achieving that gorgeous complexion, which she likes to let show through a sheer foundation and a subtle blush. A natural beauty approach I am sure she will pass on her to own daughter along with her delicious family recipes…

If you’d like to give her Charlotte Aux Fruits Rouges recipe a try you can find it HERE!

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