Winter is Here— Look Ready with Crescendo!

Even though the temperatures are dropping it seems like the last days of the year are quickly melting off the calendar. Those that are left are filling up with all the fun of the holidays, our calendars marked with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and more that are fast approaching. But with those dropping temperatures comes a few other signs of the season, for me dull and dry skin most of all.

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The changing of the seasons always proves to be a tough time for our complexions, and if you're like me, along with holiday gifts I’m left searching for new ways to keep my skin looking beautiful despite the seasonal circumstances. I was chatting about just that with my friends at Lancôme last week when they suggested winter is the perfect time for Visionnaire Crescendo — the innovative and easy dual-phase peel that reveals more beautiful and vibrant skin. There’s a few reasons that Crescendo is perfect to use this time of year and here’s why…

Seasonal Transitioning — When seasons change and along with them your environment (sun exposure, moisture in the air, pollution, etc) your skin can struggle to catch up. Naturally your skin will work to find the right balance, but Crescendo steps in like like a personal trainer to boost its natural ability to renew itself, leading to a better cell turn over and more youthful radiant looking skin. Just the little coup de main (helping hand) your skin needs at the moment!

Less Sun Exposure — Peels and especially gentle progressive ones like Crescendo have so many benefits for your skin. One of the only downsides however is that they do temporarily increase your skin’s sensibility to sun. That’s why the perfect time do the Crescendo 28 day challenge is winter, when the days are short and the sun is at its weakest. If you are still exposed to winter sun, you can always use it in combination with Visionnaire Advanced applied each morning which will give you SPF20 protection.

Boosts the Benefits of Your Moisturising Routine — Skin dries out in winter because colder temperatures freeze all of the moisture out of the air that your skin would otherwise be absorbing. It’s so important to maintain skin’s moisture during winter because dryness leads to compromised barrier function that can cause redness, breakouts, and fine lines. As Crescendo progressively helps peel away the superficial and dead skin cells at the surface, it increases your skin’s ability to absorb all the goodness of the creams and serums we’re applying generously this time of year. That means not only do you reap the benefits of Crescendo, but Crescendo also helps you to get the best results from your moisturising routine.

Want to know more about how Crescendo works to make your skin look more youthful, even, and refined? Then be sure to visit my article on the science of Crescendo. Then, grab one of your own and mark your calendars for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the 28 nights of the Visionnaire Crescendo Dual-Phase Peel. By the end of the year your skin will be gorgeous and glowing in time for 2018!

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