What’s in a Parisian’s Purse?

Don’t you just love getting a peek into someone else’s bag? It’s a little glimpse of her daily life, her personality, her beauty routine. I know I’m not the only one who’s a bit cheeky like that. Those “what’s in my bag?” posts are always a huge hit online. Which got me thinking…maybe you would like to know what’s in a French girl’s bag?

Paris Rendezvous

Of course there’s the obvious things: her smart phone, her keys, her wallet. In Paris she’ll have her pass navigo for the metro, a scarf for the cold, glasses for the sunshine, or perhaps a book to read at the park on her lunch break. But since I’m all about beauty, I thought I’d dive into that with a look at her handbag beauty essentials. Curious? Read on!

Without fail you will always find a French woman’s favorite rouge in her handbag. Once upon a time that might have been her favorite shade of red lipstick, but with so many options these days, it could be a gloss or stain, like Lancôme’s Matte Shaker or even a Cream Cushion Blush. She loves anything she can smear and blend with her fingers, and won’t hesitate to use her blush and lippie interchangeably…it’s the Parisian way!

You probably won’t find a hairbrush in a French girl’s bag. They prefer the undone bedhead look. What you will find instead though is a beautiful tortoise hair clip or metallic hair pin, probably from the famous Alexandre de Paris — perfect for throwing her hair up on-the-go in a chic french twist, or chignon as we say in French!

Parisians prefer a more natural makeup look, especially when it comes to foundation. You probably won’t find a powder compact in her purse to banish shine, she likes her dewy glow. So instead she carries a BB or CC cream with light coverage that keeps skin moisturized and protected from the sun.

French girls are all about skincare: morning, noon, and night. Surely she has a beauty pick-me-up or two stashed away in her bag, like her favorite hand cream or Lancôme’s new Énergie de Vie Eye, an illuminating and anti-fatigue cooling eye gel. It’s tiny, so easily tossed in your bag, and glides right on with its on-the-go roller format; definitely a new Parisian handbag essential!

Lastly, you won’t find an emergency stick of deodorant in her purse, more likely her perfume, which she uses generously. Handbag permitting, sometimes she’ll even throw the full size version in on her way out!

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