Visionnaire Skin Solutions: Resurfacing with the New Retinol Serum

There have to be some perks to aging, am I right? For me when my thirties came along, a lot of bad habits got replaced with better ones, like swapping night clubs for night creams. A few years ago I asked an older friend about how her life changed in her thirties, and she not so jokingly replied “You’ll definitely get to know the benefits of retinol!”. She was right, I did get to know them, and quite well I might add. And to inaugurate the release of Lancôme’s new additions to the Visionnaire line, I thought I would share them with you…

Paris Rendezvous

Retinoids work with skin on a molecular level to regulate its functions, which with environmental damage, such as sun exposure, as well as aging, can deteriorate over time. Regular use of retinol assists in normalizing these functions by speeding up skin cell turnover. This offers all sorts of benefits, among them is drastically improved skin texture to even out fine lines and deep wrinkles alike through renewed skin and additional collagen production. Retinol is a true wonder for skin!

But it’s not the .2% retinol alone that makes Lancôme’s new Visionnaire Skin Solutions Retinol Serum truly visionary. It’s the pairing of this powerful ingredient with Visionnaire’s signature Jasmonate derivative. This plant based derivative has its own skin resurfacing benefits by aiding in a multitude of biological processes for anti-aging effects through reducing inflammation and aiding in healing and skin cell turnover as well.

The Lancôme Visionnaire line is all about striving for skin perfection, and we all know that skin texture is a huge component in complexion confidence. From deep wrinkles to fine lines, and bumpy blemishes to dry rough patches, 0.2% retinol plus the Jasmonate complex in Visionnaire Skin Solutions Retinol Serum is one small step for mankind, and one huge leap for your skin!

More beautiful skin begins each evening with this night time serum. And for daytime, while using retinol it’s important to also protect your skin from the sun. So reach for Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream with SPF 20 for the perfect day to night pairing. And stay tuned for next week when I tell you about the other new release from Lancôme and Visionnaire!

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