Visionnaire Skin Solutions: Revealing Radiance with the New Vitamin C Serum

How do you like to start your day? In Paris, not all my days start the same but the best ones have a lot in common. Waking up well rested and realizing the sun is out is always a good start. There’s more and more of those lately as the days grow longer, warmer, and brighter with the arrival of summer.

Paris Rendezvous

But the best days also start by nourishing my body with something fresh and packed with vitamins and minerals, like oranges from the farmer’s market and a glass of lemon water. The Vitamin C they give me does a body good from the inside, but I’m learning Vitamin C can also do wonders for our skin from the outside too.

When it comes to our complexion, Vitamin C is the ultimate ingredient to help reveal radiance, and radiant skin is the ultimate goal — that complexion je ne sais quoi that we can see but not always describe. Radiant skin looks energized, fresh, bright, and even toned. Vitamin C works to achieve those skin goals with several key benefits including…

• boosting collagen production
• brightening of dark spots
• fading hyper-pigmentation
• repairing skin through increased cell turn over
• protecting your complexion from free radicals, aka pollution

So it makes sense that Lancôme sought out this ingredient for the new Visionnaire Skin Solutions serum. The Visionnaire range is all about achieving your perfect skin, of which radiance is an essential factor. Just like a healthy dose of Vitamin C for your body each morning, starting your day with the Visionnaire Skin Solution Vitamin C Serum, you can harness the benefits of Vitamin C for your complexion too with an extra healthy does at a whopping 15%, placing this serum at the top of its class when it comes to the amount of this active ingredient.

Vitamin C combined with the signature Visionnaire Jasmonate derivatives make this serum truly visionary. For the last week I’ve been starting my morning with Visionnaire Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum and already noticed softer skin, reduced fine lines and pores, and a big plus for me, reduced redness left over from areas where I recently struggled with breakouts. I look forward to each morning because I look forward to more radiant skin. So take it from me, starting my day by taking care of my body with Vitamin C inside and out not only feels good, but it looks great too.

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