Treat yourself! — Enjoying Lancôme’s New Rose Sugar Scrub & Rose Jelly Mask

Treat yourself! — Enjoying Lancôme’s New Rose Sugar Scrub & Rose Jelly Mask Oooo la la how the seasons have changed! Summer skipped out on us over a weekend, and autumn swept in with a rainstorm over Paris on the first day of the season to make sure we all got the memo. I thought I was ready for the change. I got my work lined up, my wardrobe in shape, and even some new makeup in my drawer to try out. But my skin just didn’t seem to get the memo and is holding on to its summer tan like it’s going out of style, and truth be told…it is!

I enjoyed absorbing a few rays over summer, responsibly of course, under the supervision of a moderate SPF always on duty during the day. But even catching just a bit of color, I realize I may have paid the price with a tad more damage than I’d like to wear around at the moment. And as for the tan, it was cute all summer long with sundresses and swimsuits, but now that the sun has gone, it’s looking uneven and a bit rough. I think it’s time to see both on their way out with summer so a good scrub and skin luxuriating has been in order.

Come la rentrée, I always like to try new products too! There are new things in store and my curiosity and changing needs get the best of my shopping cart. I’ve been keen to try the new Lancôme Exfoliating Rose Sugar Scrub, if only for how delicious it sounds! But my new face regimen with it has been a lot more than a sweet experience. The last week it’s been washing away impurities and dead skin with it’s exfoliating sugar grains, and plumping my complexion with its nourishing rose water and honey.

When for whatever reason you want to hit reset button on your complexion, exfoliation is so important as the first step. Not only does getting rid of all the bad stuff and leave you with cleaner and smoother skin, but it also makes it ready to deeply absorb all the good stuff you put on it next, like the new Rose Jelly Overnight Mask. After a sweet clean with the scrub, this overnight mask is like a big tall drink of water for your face. It’s hydrating gel works to lock in moisture with the super ingredient hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, why is why this mask leave your skin ultra plump, smooth, and soft.

So, if you want to treat yourself and do something nice for yourself this week, you could treat yourself to some roses. But I say at fifty-five dollars for the pair, the Rose Sugar Scrub and Rose Jelly Mask are just as good of a deal. Plus they’ll last you way more than a week, unlike those flowers, not to mention leave you looking gorgeous. So far me and my skin are loving them both! I think you will too.

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