The Gift of Beauty

What is the art of French gifting? In France, there are a few customs we follow with gifting of course. Some flowers are appropriate for certain occasions and people, yet not others. Bouquets should be given in odd numbers and never even. If you don’t know someone well, play it safe with some fine chocolates or champagne, and so on. But the truth is, the virtues of good gifting are universal.

Paris Rendezvous

That is to say that quality counts above all. It’s better to give nothing at all than a gift of poor quality. But that doesn’t mean one needs to spend more money. Rather, it’s about choosing wisely. Presentation counts too, as beautiful packaging always adds to the joy, as does a handwritten note or card to make it sentimental. Above all, it’s being thoughtful that is paramount in a great gift.

And so to me, the ultimate gift for the women in my life this holiday season is French after all. What one gift could I possibly find that ticks off all these boxes for so many women in my life? Lancôme of course. To give the gift of beauty and femininity is a very French gift indeed. Giving a thoughtful gift spreads happiness, and not only does Lancôme know how to make everyone woman happy this holiday, they also believe happiness is synonymous with beauty.

If there’s not already a Lancôme gift set with perfectly paired items for someone on your list, build your own starting with one of this year’s stunning gold gift boxes. In just a few easy steps you can put together the perfect present. Simply start by picking a style from the list that most matches your recipient. Then choose from beauty, fragrance or skin care products and a price point to suit your budget. After that, you can browse curated items picked specifically for that special someone until you assemble a dreamy gift box. Perhaps a gorgeous shade of lipstick for a friend is perfect for her to flaunt one of her best features. Maybe a luxurious night cream will pamper a sister who has worked hard all year. Or how about a classic fragrance for mom as the perfect thing to remind her of you everyday. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

I already made my gift boxes for the most important ladies on my list, and then added a few extra personal touches of my own while cozying up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. There is nothing quite like a chocolat chaud and preparing presents to put you in the holiday spirit. Now that they’re ready, I can’t wait to head out and deliver these Lancôme gifts on Christmas Day!

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