The Absolue Difference — A Little Luxury, A Golden Glow

There is something about silk that just connotes absolute luxury. A certain magic to its touch. In fact, silk pillow cases are one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. No more linens tangling my hair and tugging on my delicate skin at night. But in more ways than one, silkiness and beauty just seem to go hand in hand. The softness, the shine, it’s something we all want for our hair and skin. And if silk is the absolute luxury, then Lancôme’s Absolue Precious Cells Silky Cream is the pinnacle of pampering for your skin.

Paris Rendezvous

Absolue was originally developed and introduced in 1965 by the founder of Lancôme himself, Armand Petitjean, as the perfect union of science and luxury for your skin. It has since grown into a range of products all designed to reveal your skin’s golden glow. In each one, Lancôme’s patented age-defying molecule Pro-Xylane™ is married with the revitalising power of one of nature’s most beautiful gifts — the rose. Each precious drop of this essential rose oil contains 150 rose petals, bringing to your skin the moisturising and revitalising properties of the rose in a potent elixir. Its for this very reason, combined with its beauty and scent, that the rose has long been the symbol of Lancôme.

From the first time I used my new silky cream recently, I could tell it was on the next level. It has the ultimate smoothing effect, gliding on effortlessly with a softness between my face and fingertips I had never felt in a cream. It was like wrapping my skin in a silk sheet that protects, nourishes, and reveals my skin’s own silky and luminous qualities. This is what we call the Absolue Difference. This silky rose experience is fast becoming my ultimate little luxury for my face. Here’s why I think every woman should have some of the Absolue golden bottles on her vanity to reach for now and then…

• Anti-Aging — The properties of the Absolue range are all about preventing and repairing age damage. Fine lines and wrinkles seems to melt away with this luxurious cream, and skin is left feeling plumped and smoothed.

• Stress Soothing— When your lifestyle gets your skin down, the Absolue products are the ultimate soothing experience. The range offers a sensory experience: a rose aroma that envelops you with a calming scent and energy, a silky sensation for the touch, and results the eyes can see. Absolue is the ultimate antidote for stress.

• Little Luxury — One of the things I have loved absorbing from the French is the concept of little luxuries. It’s okay to indulge a little, it’s okay to spoil yourself now and then. I think our beauty routine is the perfect opportunity in life to do that. Absolue Precious Cells Silky Cream doesn’t have to take the place of your regular moisturiser or night cream. How about making it something special you reach for each Sunday evening before bed, or when you’ve had an extra stressful day with work or your kids? Treasuring the opportunity to do something extra lovely for yourself does wonders for the soul while Absolue absolutely spoils your skin.

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