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August is a quiet month for Paris as most of us head out for our annual vacations, myself included! I look forward to getting away at this time each summer for new adventures with friends. So along with most of the city’s residents, I packed my bag last week and headed out of town — south of course, to catch some sun, swim, and get reacquainted with nature.

Paris Rendezvous

With fragrance as the strongest sense tied to memory, it makes sense to bring a nice scent (no pun intended!) along with you on your travels. Perhaps a new one to commemorate a time to remember, or a favorite you wear everyday that you don’t like to be without. I try to pack light personally, and with budget airlines’ "carry-on only" bag policy size does matters when it comes to liquids at the airport

The great news is that just in time for my vacation, I got some new travel size options from Lancôme from one of the favorites ranges, Maison Lancôme. Lancôme has appointed some of the greatest contemporary perfumers to pay homage to Lancôme’s founder, Armand Petitjean, for this collection of fragrances. Each fragrance is crafted in the same manner that one composes a wine of the most superior grade (Grand cru), with a combination of varieties, origins, and extractions that are all specially selected according to precise criteria. If one could travel through scent then Maison Lancôme would be the place to begin. So, logically I wanted to bring some along with me on my travels.

Some of the travel size scents can already be found in the Maison Lancôme collection, Like Ôud Bouquet for one. It’s rich woody scent mixed with a touch of sweetness with its rose praline signature reminds me of the beautiful house my friends and I have been calling home on our vacation the last week. Others in the travel size are new additions, like Orange Brigades with bitter orange essence that reminds me of the summer citrus and Apérol Spritz we enjoyed each evening.

At home I love having my collection of beautiful gold engraved Maison Lancôme bottles displayed on the shelf in my bathroom. I admire them each day and enjoy their beauty as much as I do wearing them. I’m so happy that I can now take them with me in the convenient travel sizes, and be reminded of those amazing memories from summer travels when I’m at home and away!

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