Need a lift? — Rénergie Multi Action Lifting & Firming Mask

What are you doing tonight? Do you need a lift? Non non, I don’t mean a ride. If it’s as cold there as it is here my bet is you’re staying inside tonight. What a perfect excuse for one of my favorite activities — promaskinating! If you’re not a big promaskinator yet it’s easy. All you need is to cozy up and tuck in for an early night with your favorite book or television show, plus your favorite face mask.

Paris Rendezvous

If a light lift and a bit of firming is what the doctor has ordered then I’ve got the perfect mask for you. A little birdie told me about it recently, and by a little birdie I mean one of my regular Paris Rendez-Vous readers, Luba, who said she has been absolutely loving this new mask from Lancôme lately. So I thought I would throw it into my routine this week and see what it’s all about!

Rénergie Lift Multi Action Lifting & Firming Mask is charged with 17% Beeswax and Carnauba Wax to help restore skin’s elasticity and leave skin feeling tightened and nurtured. It helps to contour facial definition to leave skin nourished, facial features redefined, and give an overall lifted appearance. You can use it all over your face, or target problem areas like jowls or even your neck area for example. It starts off like a thick cream and subtly melts with your skin’s natural warmth.

Depending on how much down time you’re willing to dedicate to lifting and firming, there’s two options for using this mask. You can apply and kick back and relax for a bit to get a feel for its firming effects, which you can start to see even after just 15 minutes. Or, you can even sleep in it for 8 hours overnight for amplified results. When you wake up you’ll notice your skin feels tighter, firmer, plump, and lifted! Now that is what I call beauty sleep…

I used it one time and felt the firming effects, but regular use such as two to three times a week over one month brings further benefits, including making skin more supple and elastic, and diminishing fine lines. Along with all that lifting of course…five stars!

So no need to go outside to get a lift. I hear the cold is rolling in over in the States, something the news is calling a polar vortex! Sounds like a good time to stay in and try this new mask a try. By the time the cold rolls over and thaws out, you’ll be ready to get out and début your new lifting and firming beauty secret, the Rénergie Lift Mask!

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