Parisian Pop: Effortless French Chic with a Pop of Color!

I was walking through one of my favorite gardens in Paris the other day when I came across something incredible. In fact, it’s nothing I hadn’t seen before but each year it never ceases to amaze me. Pops of bright pink magnolias budding at the tips of the otherwise barren branches, nearly frozen in the winter air. “Already? Could Spring possibly be here?” We are all anxiously awaiting. But no, not quite yet.

Paris Rendezvous

The magnolias blooming in the trees are always the first sign though — nature’s way of telling us it’s not long now before winter thaws and we are all watching spring flowers bloom across the city leaving little pops of color for us all over! I stopped to marvel at them a while. Each person that passed seemed to pause and take them in as we turned to one another to say “Aren’t they magnificent?” Once magnolia flowers bloom and drop to the ground, their bright green leaves will follow, filling the trees for the first time since shedding them last fall.

This must have been the inspiration behind Lancôme’s new Parisian Pop collection, a gorgeous grouping of new vibrant eyeshadow palettes and bright liquid liners to bring back the color and make your eyes pop! There are even two new shades of Hypnôse Dazzling called Chromatics in an Amethyste and gold called Saint-Honore after one of Paris’s most famous shopping streets, off of which I just happened to find these magnolias blooming in my favorite garden.

The philosophy of the collection is effortless French chic with a pop of color for a makeup look that is never undone but never overdone. After a drab winter it’s what we all need to liven things up a bit. Personally, as much I have enjoyed the simplicity of the “no makeup makeup looks” and monochromatic color schemes that have been trendy on the beauty scene for some time now, they leave me longing for something more. So I say minimal is out...bring back the color because we’re ready to play! And play with this gorgeous eye collection I did!

For me, they are the perfect way to liven up a simple outfit. I can easily see a Parisienne in a crisp white shirt and relaxed jeans giving a pop of color to her simple chic outfit with the Rose Tempete Color Design Eyeshadow Palette and Amethyste mascara. I loved to bring out the color of my blue eyes with the Bleu Riviera palette and the Saphir Artliner, and know the Olive Soleil is just perfect for green and brown-eyed beauties paired with the Menthe or Jade Artliner.

Whether you pick just one bright liner to stand out, or try the whole collection, Parisian Pop is perfect to mix and match, bringing a pop of color to any outfit and your beauty routine!

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