Parisian Holiday Style

The holiday season is here, and for Parisians just like the rest of us this means plenty of parties to attend and dress up for. For the Parisian woman and her wardrobe, now is the time of year to have a bit of fun with what she's wearing to get into the holiday spirit.

Her favorite black escparins, or pumps as we call them, suddenly appear in a bolder color such as red or burgundy, with the intention of adding some festivity to her ensemble.

Her standard little black dress is swapped with something a bit more holiday, like a similar cut but in traditional plaid, beautiful black lace, or bright red. It’s her way of mixing things up a bit while still staying true to her classic Parisian esthetic.

Paris Rendez-vous

Temperatures have really dropped in Paris by the end of November, so when it comes to staying warm, cozy knits go on and the tights come out. Bye bye bare legs, in Paris it’s never chic to look inappropriately dressed for the weather! A plush faux fur coat and earmuffs are cute and cuddly at the holidays, and the politically correct option for the Parisian who usually forgoes wearing real fur.

And what about that holiday glitter? Sequins are a bit much for the parisienne, you won’t find them on many French women. Instead she opts for a touch of metallic, either with a fun metal clutch, some sparkle over her usual red nail polish, or some shimmer in her eyeshadow, like the eye brightening Hypnôse Dazzling in gold from Lancôme’s Parisian Lights Collection. The rest of the shine she leaves to the city’s Christmas lights lining the streets of each neighborhood. I’ve already welcomed their arrival with a glass of champagne at my local café and an evening stroll to admire them...

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