In last week’s Paris Rendez-Vous, I gave some insights into the closets of Paris’s stylish female inhabitants. Their simple and classic mode of dress mingles perfectly with the city and never distracts from a woman’s best asset, her natural beauty. Just like her wardrobe, when it comes to her beauty essentials, less is more. She always appears put together, yet is surprisingly low maintenance when it comes to makeup. She can easily fit her go to items into her small makeup bag at a moments notice for a weekend away. If we took a peak inside, what might we find? Here are some of the Parisian beauty essentials…

Paris Rendez-vous

Her Signature Scent — The Parisienne knows that both style and beauty are something that meet more than the eye…the nose to be precise! Her signature scent is carefully selected and always generously applied.
Her Go to Red Polish — Chic down to her finger tips, some red vernis is an easy way for her to always look put together.
A Classic Black Liquid Liner — The simple cat eye (think a thin, delicate line) is one of the Parisians favorite looks. She is so skilled from years of practice that she can practically create the perfect line right or left handed.
Her Trusted Skincare Routine— On thing we won’t always find in the Parisienne’s makeup bag is foundation. Women here love to go foundation free. That means their skincare routine is even more important, as they need a nearly flawless canvas. For a youthful complexion, Advanced Génifique is her secret weapon. When she needs a bit of evening out, Nude Miracle is the perfection foundation that only she’ll know is there.
The Perfect Red Lipstick— When it comes to lips and nails for the Parisienne, red is a neutral. It goes with anything and everything and is as bold as it is classic, just like her…

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