New Skin for the New Year with the New Visionnaire

A new year always gives me the urge to start fresh on so many things. Beauty is no exception and by January winter has has taken its toll on my skin. As a California girl, I wasn’t always so used to the season’s extreme effects on my complexion.

Where I grew up, winter means a sweater and fewer beach days, but in Paris winter is the real deal well into March. Cold air zaps moisture from our skin, leaving it dry and making wrinkles more pronounced, and long gone is the bit of sun kissed glow that helps hide my uneven skin tone in warmer months. But the only thing I want to be flaky and white this time of year is the snow…

Paris Rendezvous

So until the cold goes away and those beautiful spring blooms return to Paris, I need a little something more to pull my peau out of its annual rut. Luckily Lancôme has a new start for me with their new Visionnaire. The second generation of this advanced skin corrector serum has has a Double Jasmonate Complex. In nature plants depend on Jasmonate to protect them from poor environmental conditions, like winter per say! The benefits of it for our skin along with other ingredients in this new Visionnaire is that is helps correct and smooth wrinkles, pores, and skin texture both immediately and over time.

From first application, this serum glides on like silk, making skin instantly smoother and softer. After just several days of use, pores become smaller and skin’s texture becomes more refined. And one month later, skin correction wonders are more visible than ever. So I say bring home those botanicals we’ll be missing outside all winter, and cozy up indoors with Visionnaire for better skin. That’s where you’ll find me!

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