Happy National Lipstick Day! —A Gift For You!

This Sunday is National Lipstick Day, which might seem like a big thing to celebrate something so small. But lipstick is pretty incredible for something so tiny, don’t you think? It can completely change an outfit in a matter of seconds. It can attract attention and to switch up your attitude. It can make a statement without saying anything, bring out your best features, and so much more. It just might be the superpower every woman already has at her fingertips!

Paris Rendezvous

The French woman knows this. To her, lipstick is paramount! It is the piece de resistance, the only thing left in her beauty bag should she be forced to abandon the rest. It’s her secret weapon, her pick-me-up, her magic wand. More often than not, it’s her signature red, but she finds more than one way to wear it.

For a more subtle color and a sultry pout, shell dab her fingers on it and smudge it on her lips. She’ll even take what’s left after and blend it on her cheeks! It’s a little thing I’ve noticed a lot of French woman love to do. For the full effect of course she’ll go straight for the direct application, no matter where she finds herself! A café mirror, a shop window, with her cellphone as on the metro…the act in itself of applying lipstick is almost a performance art for the French woman.

And while one is enough to do the trick, can anyone really ever have too much lipstick? Well, I don’t think so. Personally I could, and sometimes do, spend an hour or two just trying out different colors. I like to experiment and switch it up, but I know many of us have our favorite shade. While the classic red rouge might be the first you always reach for like the French girls, no matter what color your most comfortable with there are still lots of ways to switch it up!

You could go the classic, like L'Absolu Rouge, to accentuate shape and hydrate your lips, while giving full coverage that lasts all day. If you want an even more luxurious finish and feel, you can reach for L’Absolu Velours for a velvety matte finish and that same intense color you like to achieve. You might find you like liquid lipstick as much as I do, in which case you have to try Lancôme’s Matte Shakers if you haven’t already. The sponge applicator is so easy and soft to apply, and the color finishes matte but wears comfortable without every drying out your lips! Those are just a few a my favorites. But however you like to apply and achieve your color, look, feel, and finish, Lancôme has so many lipstick choices for you! Glassy, glossy, matte, silky, creamy, you name it!

But as if we didn’t have enough reasons to love lipstick this National Lipstick Day, Lancôme is giving us one more! With any purchase of $49 or more, you’ll receive three shades of Color Design as a glamorous gift with purchase. So if you’ve been waiting to place an order for your favorite Lancôme products here online, Sunday would be the perfect time to take advantage of this awesome offer, because like I said…can we ever have too much lipstick? Definitely not.

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