Nail Art: An Adorable DIY Manicure that Gives New Life to Old Makeup

Achieving awesome nail art out of the salon isn’t usually as easy as it looks. But recently I’ve been testing out a few looks from my friend Souchka’s new book, Nail Art. Souchka is a local manicurest in Paris, and one of the first beauty experts in the French capital to spread some avant-garde nail fashion. When I’m out and about in the city and spot someone with a unique design, I always ask where she got her nails done. Often they say Souchka, and so it was only a matter of time before someone asked her to do a book! And so she has, complete with twentyfour easy to master tutorials.

Paris Rendezvous

Since Souchka’s book is only available in French at the moment, I decided to translate and share one of my favorite looks from it with you here. It’s the perfect way to make use of an old eyeshadow you’ve had lying around but couldn’t bare to throw out. Souchka calls this her Fard à Paupière look, which is how you say eyeshadow in French. Give it a try!


A base coat, one shade of Lancôme’s Vernis in Love, Lancôme’s Gel-Like Top Coat, one eyeshadow, a nail file or orange stick, and a small brush.

STEP 1: Before painting your nails, select an old eye shadow that will contrast your polish well. If it’s compressed, use the edge of a nail file to crush it into a lose powder, and set this aside. I selected a bright blue I never use that I thought would contrast the nail color well.

STEP 2: Apply a base coat to protect your nails and ensure your nail polish will adhere well and help your nail art last longer.

STEP 3: Apply two coats of your preferred color of polish. I used Lancôme’s Madame Tulipe from the Fall Color Collection. Let it dry well before proceeding to step four.

STEP 4: Once your polish is dry, proceed with the following steps one nail at a time. Apply Lancôme’s Gel-Like Top Coat. Quickly before it dries, place a small amount of the crushed eyeshadow onto the tip of your nail file and sprinkle it generously over the nail. Leave the shadow in place as you proceed with the rest of the nails.

STEP 5: After waiting about ten minutes to let your top coat dry and the powder adhere to it, take the small brush and gently dust off the excess shadow. Remove any remaining eyeshadow from your cuticles and skin with a moist towel, and now you’re ready to show off your new manicure!

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