Rendez-vous With My Very Own Valentine

Valentine was my very first parisienne friend. This is a very distinct moment in my life because I remember how nervous I was for our first rendez-vous. Somewhere after exchanging some emails and following one another’s adventures between our blogs, Hello It’s Valentine and Making Magique, I ended up making her a hat.

I have been known to do a DIY from time-to-time, but this was a very special hat—a straw boater I found and adorned with one-of-a-kind satin ribbon—that I had been hanging onto for something special. Valentine was to come pick it up on her way to the train station for her summer vacation in Provence, and I was to meet her at the entrance of the Metro. I knew it would be quick, but seeing as French was still a challenge for me, I practiced the words I would say over and over again in my head on the way there. When we both arrived I had totally forgotten them, but we got on so well those first five minutes, we decided to meet again in the near future. We have been dear friends ever since.


The things that struck me about Valentine on day one still stand out to me now. Despite the many different haircuts and outfits she has shared with us over the years, her petite but incredibly poised stature, her vibrant smile and her beautiful brown almond eyes perfectly framed with cat-eye liquid liner have always been there. While the first two are inherent, the latter she is very adamant about wearing each and every day. I have even been on photo shoots with her where makeup artists suggested something other than her beloved winged eyeliner, and she refused. I like a lady who knows what she likes and who she is, unafraid to say so politely. As a result, this perfectly formed cat eye has become her signature beauty look.

On this day over three years after our first rendez-vous, Valentine and I met for a bit of beauty talk. I thought I’d see if she would give something new a try after all, without straying too far from the look we love her in. I brought along Lancôme Liner Design in Purple Jewels and Indigo Darling, and just in case that was pushing my luck, Artliner 24H in several shades. We especially loved the liner in shimmering Copper, a striking complement to her amber eyes and a romantic look meant to last from day to night. Valentine noted the strongly pointed shape of Lancôme’s Artliner 24H brush, teaching me how essential it is to getting the perfect cat-eye shape. Would she wear this copper version of her romantic cat-eye look again? “Bien sûr!” said Valentine, for an evening out with her sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, which fittingly happens to be her namesake.

Turns out, trying something different was a hit with Valentine after all. Those really are the best kind of friends, the ones true to themselves while still surprising you after all these years…

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