My Fragrance, My Engraving — A Gift Filled With Beauty

If there is one fragrance for me that is most iconic to Lancôme, it's La Vie Est Belle. The name itself sums up the spirit of the brand — life is beautiful, and the scent is just as lovely. I was so excited to hear that Lancôme is now offering custom engraving on their fragrance bottles. Lancôme gifted me my own La Vie Est Belle last week with my initials and I will treasure it forever as a reminder of these wonderful years working with them to tell stories on Paris Rendez-Vous here.

Paris Rendezvous

The C in my monogram is for Chastain, my mother’s maiden name. It’s not common that children wear their mother’s last names as well, but I feel so proud to have my mother’s name too. Technically it is my middle name, but over the years I have adopted it as a part of my last name. From graduations to film credits and more, I have always insisted that Chastain be listed and announced. Especially since settling down in France, as Chastain is the Americanized version of the French name Castaing and my link to the French part of my ancestry.

And speaking of mothers, I couldn’t help but think that a Lancôme custom engraved fragrance would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Each year I struggle to come up with a gift special enough for my mom, but this year I had the perfect idea.

Living on the opposite side of the world from my mom isn’t always easy for either of us. Because of the huge distance and other responsibilities, we don’t often get to visit one another. La Vie Est Belle is about the choice to live one’s life to the fullest and fill it with beauty, and my mother has always encouraged me to do just that, even if it means my dreams take me far far away. She is my ultimate cheerleader, and without a doubt the first one to read and like my Paris Rendez-Vous posts each Sunday night. From time to time I send her little teas and chocolates from local places here so she can taste and smell Paris whenever she misses me. She calls these her “little Paris moments” and it’s so precious when I go home to visit her and see the treasures she has collected here and the treats I’ve sent her displayed at home. I know they make her feel a little bit closer to me so I wanted to give her something to add to that this year.

So this Mother’s Day I’m sending her a custom engraved bottle of La Vie Est Belle as well. At nearly twenty-eight years old I still call my mother “Mama” and I don’t think that will ever change. I had Mama, je t’aime engraved on the bottle, and while she doesn’t speak much French I know she understands these words. Now each time she misses me in California she can reach for the same scent that I’ll be wearing at home in Paris. Two sides of the world, one fragrance, and always in each others' hearts. Maybe you’ll remind your mom how much you love her by sharing your fragrance with her too this Mother’s Day

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