My Absolute Best Skin

By the second week of January it seems many of us forget about our New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve certainly done that. This year though, I promised to push myself harder. In 2018 I’ll turn thirty which makes me determined to have my best year yet starting with one very ambitious resolution — to achieve my absolute best skin.

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Many people won’t like to hear this, but when it comes to having great skin, genetics have set the ground rules for us. The rest is earned. While we all wish one magic cream could elevate us to perfection, the reality is that if great skin isn’t “god given” then it is achieved only through serious commitment.

I’ll attest to this firsthand because I’m someone that’s struggled with bad skin since the 7th grade and frankly by the end of last year I was finally fed up. So, I got a head start for 2018 mid November by kicking off my absolute best skin challenge, committing fully to a skincare routine and taking charge of my lifestyle. At New Year’s I was joined by friends of friends for dinner, one of which happened to be a dermatologist. We started talking skincare and she looked across at me and proclaimed “You have great skin!” I couldn’t believe it, I’ve made it.

The truth is my new journey with my skin has reminded me of a lot of important lessons in life. At twenty-nine still coping with acne while noticing my first wrinkles made me want to scream “Not fair!”. But part of growing up is accepting life isn’t fair. I’m predisposed to such things and acknowledging that was actually the first step in the right direction. I might have to work twice as hard as the next woman to achieve great skin but that’s okay. Things worth having in life are far more rewarding when you’ve worked hard for them, great skin included. The last is that we cannot change who we are to be some kind of perfect, but we can decide to be the absolute best version of ourselves. That is the goal I think we should strive for with beauty and that I set for my skin. It will never be perfect, but here, well into my absolute best skin resolution, I’m proud to put my best face forward for 2018!

Here are some more lessons I’ve learned on my journey that I hope will inspire you…

Take responsibility — While genetics may play a huge part, acknowledge bad habits and what you can be doing better by your skin.

Educate yourself — One woman’s routine may not work for another. Research products and ingredients for problems you may have and talk to professionals at the cosmetics counter and your dermatologist.

Be committed — Some products show results immediately, but if not don’t be discouraged. Real results are achieved over time, and two weeks to a month is when I really start seeing product payoff.

Exercise — Running has dramatically helped my complexion. Better circulation means more even skin tone. It also helps manage stress, leading to better sleep, both of which do wonders for your skin.

Stay optimistic — A lot of our skin issues are hormonal, so naturally despite best efforts there may be frustrating times. An upward climb isn’t always a straight line and that’s okay. Stick with it.

Holistic Health — Great skin involves so many factors. The most important is skincare, but diet, sleep, water intake, stress, and more all play parts. You have to work with them all.

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