April Showers — Rainy Days in Paris with Mr. Big Waterproof

Rain rain go away, come back another day...I’ve been singing this song a lot lately but the skies above Paris just aren’t listening. Maybe they’ll hear me if I sing it in French? I suppose if the weather rings true to the saying, these April showers will bring us May flowers, and so this weather is set to keep up. Le sigh.

Paris Rendezvous

The truth is Paris gets a lot of rain. Even more than the drizzly Seattle in fact. On average we have thirteen days a month where it rains...yikes! Now, I’m no weather man or miss météo but I do know a thing about makeup and Paris, so when rain is in the forecast I’ve got some suggestions.

The first is to get yourself set up with Mr. Big Waterproof. If ever a mascara could be chivalrous, then Mr. Big Waterproof would be it. A cry at the movies or a friend’s wedding? He is by your side to see you through the tears. A spontaneous downpour on the Rue de Rivoli? He’ll never stand to have your makeup ruined by April showers. He’ll never run when rain starts to fall. You can count on Mr. Big Waterproof like that, the same way you can count on this mascara to give you dark lashes you’ll love with three times the volume and extra long wear.

My second suggestion should you find yourself in Paris sous la pluie (under the rain) is to grab an umbrella and have a good time anyhow. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the city even on a rainy day, and here are some of my favorites of Paris hacks to stay dry and make the most of Paris no matter what the weather!

Browse the shops of the Palais-Royal. There are so many beautiful artisans, cute cafes, and more in this special place. Your shopping will be shielded from the rain in the beautiful arcades and you can admire the garden from the sidelines where you’ll stay dry.

Wander the covered passage ways. Often referred to as passages or galleries located mostly in the 2nd and 9th arrondissements, these pre-cursors to the modern indoor mall are much more charming. With their glass ceilings they’re the next best thing to being outside. You’ll be sheltered from the rain but bathed in natural light and be able to take in some of Paris’s most fascinating architectural features.

Take a tea at Mariage Frères. At anytime of year this is a luxurious and historic tea room where you can lounge for hours savoring hundreds of teas with savory and sweet snacks to match while waiting out a storm.

Get lost in the Louvre. Bad weather is the perfect excuse to spend an inordinate amount of time getting lost in the world’s most famous museum. Escape the crowds to wander to far ends and discover lesser known masterpieces often overlooked.

Sign up for a French cooking class. If you can’t be outside then spend some time in a French kitchen. There are so many great cooking classes in Paris, but La Cuisine is a great place to start!

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