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Last week I took a little trip. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going, or how long I would be gone. I didn’t even tell them I would be leaving town. I know they say it’s not good to keep secrets, but sometimes a little secret can be invigorating. Secrets like this one that do no harm, and when kept just for yourself, somehow make you feel closer to who you are.

Paris Rendezvous

Lately there had been a little cloud hanging around my head. As the saying goes, wherever you go, there you are. So my intention was not to escape myself, but more so to get closer to the things I know make me happy — nature, flowers, big skies, and fresh air.

When summer rolls around I’m reminded more than ever that I need to be enjoying life to the fullest. But too often I find myself waiting for someone else to make that happen. For a friend to free up, a guy to take me out, and so on. But as I’ve gotten older I realize that no one is responsible for my happiness but myself. So for me this little spur of the moment trip was significant in that sense.

I took a train south, and from there rented a car and drove through the countryside, just to see what I might find. Just as I hoped, there were rolling hills covered in red poppies, and the lavender beginning to bloom in the fields as far the eye could see. And along each road, little wild flowers in every color of the rainbow lining the way, reminding me that no matter what, life finds a way. One only need to look at nature, at these beautiful blooms and the little creatures living amongst them, to be reminded that there are tiny miracles all around us if we take the time to look.

I think those are my secrets to happiness: to seize the day for myself and no one else, and to open my eyes to all the miraculous things around me. But there is one more little secret from my trip. The other is Miracle Secret, my new Lancôme scent I brought along which I knew would perfectly commemorate the spirit of my getaway. Each journey has a story, and so does each fragrance. My two are perfectly aligned in Miracle Secret, a citrusy floral scent with a heart of jasmine available exclusively here on Lancôme.com. Each time I wear it will remind me to get out and find the flowers, and bring me closer to them and happiness each time with just one spritz…

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