Miracle on the Move: Complexion Confidence All Day Long

Some mornings I wake up, look in the mirror, and am ready to face the day. It doesn’t take much. There’s those other days though, the ones where I wake up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed, feeling like it will take a small miracle to put myself together for a full day in the city. Better yet, how about a few tiny miracles throughout the day, compact enough to fit in my purse and take with me on the go? That’s Miracle Cushion, Lancôme’s innovative new liquid foundation with all the convenience of a compact. Follow me for a day and find out…

In the morning I start my day with a bare face, and foundation is the first of my makeup to go on. With my Miracle Cushion, a few firm presses fills up my cushion with enough product to give my face the full coverage I’m looking for when I apply my makeup for the day. No blending necessary. Voilà the first miracle of the day. I’m up, ready, and out!

Paris Rendezvous

I take on a few morning meetings, running between the right bank, left bank, and back again as I tackle my agenda. Then, time for lunch where I usually find myself back at my favorite cafe in the Marais. After running around town, wiping my face with a napkin, and leaning my head in the palm of my hand as I catch up on a bit of work at the table with my laptop, I need a touch up. Just another tiny miracle to get my makeup through the afternoon. A gentle press with Miracle Cushion covers the cushion just enough to give me a sheer refresh on my complexion. Miracle number two of the day.

Onto a few more hours of shuttling around town finishing errands and maybe even having to pose for a few photos or two for the blog. The work day is up and I’ve got a last minute invitation on my phone to dinner and drinks with my favorite people. Time is of the essence and there is none left to pop home and fix myself up. I reach for my Miracle Cushion with just enough foundation already left on it to banish a blemish or two. Miracle number three of the day, my complexion is in tip top condition to carry on into the night.

There it is. One day, three tiny Miracles for a dewey, flawless, and fresh complexion on the go all day long. Three miracles makes a saint, right? Take it from me Miracle Cushion is a godsend for complexion confidence.

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