Meet Monsieur Big — How A Mascara Stole My Heart

Have you heard the news? There’s a new guy in town and all the ladies have their eye on him. Did I mention he’s French? Even better. Call him what you want — the best, the biggest, larger than life — call him Monsieur Big.

Paris Rendezvous

Now, there are all sorts of mascaras for different girls. But with lashes, size matters. If you’re looking for BIG volume, then look no further, Mr. Big is Mr. Right. I knew Monsieur Big was THE ONE at first stroke, that fluffy brush, the smooth formula…my heart was racing. One coat and I had forgotten all the rest.

I took Mr. Big out for the first time last Friday night here in Paris for Bastille Day. I could tell right away we were a perfect match for a big night out, a big date, or just to make a big statement. Monsieur Big gives my lashes up to 12x more volume because he’s got all the traits I’m looking for in the perfect mascara — a big soft brush, an ultra black shade, a long wearing formula, and the power to VOLUMIZE. I can stay out all night with Monsieur Big, with this new mascara there’s no flaking, no smudging and no touch ups required. And 24HR wear means he still looks good the morning after.

What makes Monsieur Big so big you ask? He didn’t get so perfect on accident. Lancôme engineered him that way. Innovative wavy bristle fibers give quick volume and sensorial application, and the intuitive brush shape has bulk reservoirs that hold and deliver the right amount of that ultra black formula to your lashes form root to tip, making them look extra long.

If you want to push Monsieur Big to the limits I have a few tips for you to take XL lashes to XXL…

• Curl your lashes — Le Curler gives your lashes a bend and curl before applying your mascara. Curled lashes are flirty and fun, the perfect match for Monsieur Big to work some magic.
• Start with a primer — Cils Booster XL give your lashes a boost of vitamins and micro fibers to add length and thickness as an amazing primer before applying Monsieur Big.
• Go all the way — Don’t stop at your upper lashes, have a go at your lower ones as well for a serious lash statement.

Not sure yet that bigger is better? Since I met Mr. Big let me tell you, all the other girls are jealous. But I told them, don’t be! There is enough of Monsieur Big to go around for everyone. Monsieur Big just launched right here online before hitting stores later this month. Take him home and I know he’ll win your heart too.

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