Close Encounter with Louise Ebel

Louise is a young woman whose face many know before her name. On the pages of your favorite magazine or a recent campaign from a French fashion house, her doe-eyed glance and poise aren’t easily overlooked.

Through the years as her alias Miss Pandora, we’ve watched her assume many roles in her photographs, for which she is both a muse and creative director in combination with various photographers. Despite the vast array of costumes, decades and attitudes she’s embodied, one thing stood out to me each time.

Miss Pandora

A signature beauty look of perfectly porcelain skin.

Her complexion is so doll-like I wondered if she was real at all to actually manifest on the afternoon of our rendez-vous. Low and behold she did, and incredibly punctual for a parisienne. Emerging from the Boulevard Montmarte during the harshest of the season’s weather, she was as much a vision as ever. As we headed up to the first-floor retreat of the Haussmanian building that was our location of the day, she recounted openly to me her personal skin woes that any woman could relate to—havoc from the elements and stress of city living. Despite appearance, Louise is a very real girl whose candid manner face-to-face charmed me as much as the allure of her picture-perfect appearance in photographs. As we discussed, she revealed how she manages the two: with a disciplined approach to skincare and a trusty makeup application she has down pat.


1.  Dreamtone
2.  Teint Visionnaire
3.  Dual Finish Powder

Throughout an afternoon of playing with products and posing for pictures, Louise enlightened me to her other passions, art history and writing. You see in a way, beauty is her business, being in front of the camera so constantly. On working on Miss Pandora full time she said, “I feel so lucky. I love what I do. If ever a day comes that I don’t or it doesn’t work, I’ll write books.” Novels that is, stories for young women in America and Asia about Paris and Parisians as dreamy as they imagine both to be. Take it from me that Louise is one of them. Beautiful, stylish and cultured, she is Paris-perfect.

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