The Look of Love — L’Absolu Rouge

I can think of a few romantic ways to spend the upcoming Valentine’s Day in Paris. There’s of course all the best clichés: a five star hotel, a night at the opera, dinner at a Michelin star restaurant. And while some might like to go all out for Valentine’s Day, maybe there’s no need to fuss? Sometimes the simplest gestures are the most romantic: a tiny love note slipped into your purse, a single red rose on the nightstand, the perfect bottle of wine to share at home.

Paris Rendezvous

The same goes for makeup, maybe less is more this Valentine’s Day. It is the French way after all. Does an utterly romantic look take anything more than the perfect red lipstick? L’Absolu Rouge in Caprice for example. Perhaps a bit of liner for accentuating your cupid’s bow to achieve your best pout…and c’est tout. No fuss, no planning. Just simply sexy and simply timeless.

There is something undeniably sexy about red lips. Red is the color of love and passion, as intense as it is classic. Red lips have a way of whispering kiss me…but not too soon. Almost too perfect to touch, demanding attention until the moment is just right to lean in, because once you do there is no turning back.

The power of red lipstick to attract a mate has long been known. In 1770, British Parliament passed a law forbidding women from wearing it, arguing its powers to seduce men into marriage could be likened to witchcraft. And while times have changed, the seduction of red lipstick remains. Studies show that men are still entranced by it today. So much so that on average, they’ll stare 5.2 seconds longer at a woman wearing red lipstick than when she isn’t.

So if your aim is to catch the eye of that special someone this Valentine’s Day, no need to tempt fate waiting for Cupid’s arrow to match with your mate. Just take a look at the facts and you’ll see, a bit of L’Absolu Rouge might be all it takes. But wearing lipstick isn’t always about men, and Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be either. True love or self love, love is all around on Valentine’s Day and enveloping your lips in rich satiny red is the best way to embrace it. If you haven’t fallen for “the one” by the 14th, you can still fall for one of the ten new shades of Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge lipstick, and your lips will too. Not just for the extra attention they’ll receive, but for the nourishing formula that leaves them even softer and more kissable each time…just in case Mr. Right shows up last minute. Single or smitten, L’Absolu Rouge is the look of love this Valentine’s Day.

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