Lifeproof - Make Your Makeup Survive the Heat!

August has arrived and in Paris we are riding this heat wave with as much grace as we can muster, which is not much to be honest. As the temperature rises, Parisian’s chic points are dropping dramatically. We seem to be dressing to survive the heat, with all but complete disregard for style. Not to mention our makeup! To say heat and humidity just don’t sit well with makeup is not a figure of speech. Really…they make it slide right off your face!

But I, mes amis, am determined not to let this heat defeat my chic. I must keep it together no matter what the temperature is, but I’m going to need help. Enter Lancôme’s new Lifeproof collection. I decided to put this collection to the test on Tuesday to see if it’s all it claims to be — life proof primers and fixers to keep your makeup matte and in place all through the day. I called on my friend Phillip for the day to help me snap these pics and by 10AM when he showed up, the thermostat had already hit ninety degrees. “Are you ready? You’re not wearing any makeup” Phillip remarks. Yes silly, that is the point “because you have to photograph me putting it on” I remind him.

For starters, I begin with the Lifeproof primers. While you could go with just one, I like the idea of both. First, the Prep & Matte Primer for my forehead and chin where I want my skin to be hydrated without looking shiny, and to remain matte all day. Then, on my cheeks where I like my skin to look dewy and illuminated, I use the Prep & Hydrate Primer. For one last step before my foundation, the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Blur & Go Priming Stick is perfect for my nose and the surrounding skin in general where my pores are far more visible than I would like. Now my skin is primed and prepped, hydrated and mattified, and ready for foundation.

After my foundation there are a few finishing Lifeproof touches to lock things down for the day. Today’s challenge is to remain shine free from morning to evening without retouching, and the Long Time No Shine Loose Setting Powder will work to absorb that oil throughout the day. But not only! It also smooths skin and has a weightless feel. One last thing before we’re out the door, the Fix It Forget It Setting Spray. Sweat proof and weather proof, it’s antioxidant rich and hydrating, and feels super refreshing right before heading out the door into the heat for the day. “Do you want to bring the makeup with you?” asks Philip. “No” I declare. “Not even for the pics?” he rebuts. “No silly, that is the point. No touch ups.” And we’re off.

After a bit of shopping it’s noon and time for a check. “How’s my makeup?” “Still matte” I’m assured. Another hour walking the sun drenched sidewalks we find not one, but three of our restaurant picks closed (this is Paris in August) before settling on a bistrot. After our salads, I check in again. “Still shine free?” I ask. “Actually, yeah. That’s pretty incredible.” Even the boys are impressed. Phillip himself could use a bit of Long Time No Shine about now. We decided to really put my Lifeproof makeup through the test with a post lunch game of Ping Pong in the park before we realized it was already 5PM. Times flies when you’re overheating. Before Phillip headed off, I had to ask one more time “Still shine free?”…”Yes, chérie.” "Great, then you’ll have to take a photo to prove it." Which we did, as matte as I was in the morning. Lifeproof, approved!

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