A Scent to Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

What’s in a scent? For me, there’s an entire story. A fragrance can recall places, people and feelings. Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, and for that reason even the perfumes I no longer wear I keep to decorate my vanity, stopping from time to time to revisit them in passing and reminisce in the memories they bring back.

One of those particular memories is when I moved to Paris. After months of anticipation that felt like a lifetime, the day had finally come to bid farewell to California. I didn’t have to make the journey alone, as I had my lovely mother by my side the whole way to make sure I settled in nicely to my new city before seeing me off. Even then I was as nervous as I was excited. Having little idea of what I was getting myself into, my imagination was running wild with all the possibilities that awaited me. I had spent the prior half of the year working in an antique shop saving all my money in a little envelope of dreams of things I wanted to do, see and treat myself to during my first months in Paris. Hoping that it would be such a special time, before we boarded the plane I stopped into an airport shop and let go of the first of my hard earned savings. I purchased a new fragrance to wear in the coming weeks, knowing it would always be characteristic of this monumental era of my life. Even now many years later as I write this story for you, I open the bottle and all the butterflies come rushing back.

Today though, I’m in a new chapter of my story, enjoying living and working in Paris, and excited to be writing for Lancôme. Five years down the line, life in Paris is just as beautiful as I once could only imagine it. It’s only fitting then that my fragrance of the moment would be called La Vie Est Belle. Charming with notes of jasmine and orange blossom, sweet with an essence of vanilla and pear, and bold with hints of patchouli and praline: This is the scent of this season of my life. It’s just rich enough to suit the mood of chillier weather, and just light enough to carry me into the arriving spring. Choosing a scent is so important, whether it’s your signature for the season or many years to come. Even more important than how it presents you to other people is what it means to you. Treat yourself to something special, revel in the beauty of your new fragrance, and let it remind you that life is beautiful…

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